The opinion section of Iatros gives voice to the Lukan student. It is a place where a culture of sober discussion and constructive debate enriches young Lukans’ perspective and viewpoints in pertinent issues, giving them the ability and gall to question status quo and think in a mind that values openness and progress.

First Blood

by RS Crisostomo

Let me start off by saying how tremendously anxious, yet extremely excited I was upon knowing that for our first meeting in gross anatomy lab, […]


by John Michael D. Deblois

We have no longer any grounds to ask the question: how did a mass murderer like Hitler rise to power? The answer is before us.

T. Swift vs Kanye: Who Really Wins?

by Danielle Pua

In the not so distant past, Taylor Swift was the media’s darling. There was rarely an article that put her in a bad light. I […]

A Picture of Philippine Medical Education

by John Michael D. Deblois

“Ultimately the strongest driving force for change must be the students and the doctors themselves. They must be empowered to demand excellence in the courses they attend and realize that their education is not a favour to them, but a means of preparing them to be the sort of doctor we want in the future” (Lowry, 1993)

A Letter to You, the Discouraged

by S.J.

You have for so long been striving hard, and yet it seems that grades are not your thing.