2016 is the year that Iatros asserts its web presence after it has reestablished its print-based publication. The Iatros blog is the newest section that deals with thoughts and informative writings by specific people within the Lukan community.

The Apollo Papers: A Letter to You

by RJ*

Note: the author has chosen to use a pen name for anonymity.   I know that right now, you are unsure of us. You feel […]

People of SLCM: Jesseca Villena “Jess”

by Samantha Buenaobra

Ate Jess, a current third year student, is a very shy and sweet person who could be spotted in the library sporting her usual playful […]

People of SLCM: Marie Antonette Calderon “Toni”

by Samantha Buenaobra

“Hindi naman sila yoong reason kung bakit ka mag-dodoktor eh,”

People of SLCM: Femina Margaret B. Mateo “MinMin”

by Samantha Buenaobra

“They will know in time.” This was the answer that Minmin gave me when I asked her if there was something about her that she […]

People of SLCM: Baby Lynnie F. Fegalan “Ma’am Lynn”

by Samantha Buenaobra

“Hindi ko maipagpapalit yoong prebelehiyo na mayakap ni Dean. Minahal ko yoong library, yoong mga kapwa ko librarian. Ang kailangan lang naman ay dedikasyon at pagmamahal sa craft at kasama. Ang Diyos ang naglagay sa akin dito.”

The Apollo Papers: Stardust

by Samantha Buenaobra

I can still pull it up into consciousness: the memory of you telling me you’ve been diagnosed, for quite some time now, with major depressive […]

The Apollo Papers: Perfection

by Lukan-Dula

As future doctors, perfection is what we strive for. We perfect our knowledge and skills of the profession so we are not only benevolent, we are also non-maleficent. We continue to improve ourselves by studying and working hard in order to become flawless. Perfection is our end-goal.

The Apollo Papers: A Beauty’s Mania

by anonymous

Mania: a mental illness so inexorable that it makes you experience periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions, and overactivity. In my case, I experience the excitement when I buy clothes, shoes, and cameras online. By then, my mania is manifested only by mental and physical hyperactivity, a disorganization of behavior during which I cannot perform all my tasks well, if at all. During these episodes, I lose the drive to study and fail my subjects. My elevated mood gives me an air of intimidation. My promiscuity turns to nymphomania, specifically a manic phase of someone with bipolar disorder.

The Apollo Papers: To My Dear Friends

by P from 2021

I’m sorry if it took me this long to tell you the truth. The thing is, I have a jealous friend. He doesn’t like it when I hang out with you. He clings to me every moment of every day. He convinced me that I am better off without you–that I am better off alone. I began to push myself away from you guys. I stopped answering any of your calls and returning any of your messages. I kept on cancelling on our plans.