The SLCM Comelec has officially announced the winners last April 16, 2018, at 7:40 pm. The results are as follows:

Vince Camangeg, garnering 64.39% of the total voting population, won the presidency against Janelle Montano (30.73%). Ivanah Tupaz garnered the largest share of the voting population at 96.10%, followed by Michelle Fuentes at 92.68%.

Kristella Draheim won with 86.83% of the votes for Internals Vice President. For Externals Vice President, Ross Negrillo won with 86.34% of the votes. Patrick Fernandez, and Nathea Valdez won in their respective positions, receiving 80.98% and 88.29% of votes, respectively.

Total voter turnout is at 205 out of 303 students, comprising 67.66% of the student population. Three ballots were rendered invalid.