St. Luke’s College of Medicine – William H. Quasha Memorial welcomed more than 160 aspiring applicants last November 4, 2017 for the annual Open House 2017 entitled “Certified Lukan.” The event was held at the Angelo King Auditorium and spearheaded by the Student Council.

Different student organizations, including the Student Council, introduced the Lukan Community to the attendees through their booths at the Penthouse Lobby wherein games, food, and pamphlets were made available for the participants.

The program started with a rendition of “One Thing I Ask” led by the SLCM Chorale for the doxology, followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The program continued where Janelle Montano and Candy Vollinger served as hosts.

Dr. Susan P. Nagtalon, Dean of SLCM-WHQM, made her opening remarks where she talked about the achievements of the school and shared some of her insights on the future of the college.

Dr. Joanne Sebastiana M. De Ramos introduced the history of SLCM and gave a brief history of the founding of the medical center as well as key people involved in the college’s timeline – including William H. Quasha, former presidents and deans who served the college. She also highlighted each of their key contributions that have helped in shaping SLCM into one of the top performing schools in the country today.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Malaya P. Santos, talked about the Scholarship Grants and Admission Requirements. The talk was followed by an interview with the students who are recipients of the scholarship opportunities offered by SLCM.

Janelle Montano of Batch 2021, represented the College Scholars. Randy Franz Selim, from Batch 2022, opened up his experience in applying for the Foundation Scholarship and its value to him as a student while Oliver Perez, awardee of the Bishop Manuel Lumpias Scholarship for Passion and Spirit, shared about the Total Scholarship which is one of the many innovations in SLCM’s academic program.

This was followed by an intermission number from the SLCM Chorale where they serenaded the audience with the songs “Video Killed The Radio Star” and “When You Believe”.

The curriculum of SLCM was discussed by Dr. Sharma Vibette T. Ojeda, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. She noted the importance of the unique subjects – Foundations of Medicine, Introduction to the Medical Profession, Clinical Evaluation, and Clinical Integration – which set SLCM apart from other medical schools due to the innovative and integrative nature of its curriculum to help the students prepare for the clinical setting.

Martin Pe Benito from Batch 2021 delivered his speech on choosing SLCM. He highlighted the various opportunities offered by SLCM in research, scholarship, and affiliated institutions that might be important deciding factors for students in choosing their future schools. He also shared the culture of excellence exemplified by Lukans. This is because students not only excel in academics, but they are also encouraged to nurture their individual talents.

Lunch then followed with their respective groupmates and tour guides in their assigned rooms. Second part of the program resumed after lunch with the introduction to the different subject areas offered in the College and the campus tour. The tour consists of nine stations which include: Public Health station where they learned about Public Health, Preventive Medicine and how it is relevant to the lives of medical professionals; Foundations of Medicine (FOM) station engaged the participants in a discussion about the subject and describing it as the “integration of all basic medical sciences”; Clinical Evaluation station allowed attendees to try the different instruments used in a physical examination; Anatomy station, gave the participants a glimpse of laboratory cadavers; Histology station engrossed the participants with a micro slide projection while talking about how Histology is fundamental to better understanding of Pathology and Microbiology; Introduction to the Medical Profession station, discussed how being doctor is not only about “treating the disease, but more importantly, treating the patient”; Molecular Medicine station gave a brief talk about Molecular Medicine as the “future of medicine,” and also introduced the participants to the Molecular Medicine Society;  SLCM Organizations station showed the different organizations in the school, as well as the various extra-curricular activities the Lukan students take part in. The library staffs also indulged the participants in a complete library tour, its amenities, printed and online resource collection.

After all the stations had been visited, the groups gathered at the Angelo King Auditorium, where a short open forum took place. This was followed by special numbers prepared by SLCM Musician’s Circle, St. Luke’s Dance Company, and SLCM Chorale. The program ended with the singing of SLCM Hymn.