Last October 4, 2017 at the Angelo King Auditorium, Dr. Cornelio Banaag Jr., the president of the Philippine Society of Child Psychiatrists, gave a short lecture of the SLCM community on how students can identify and consequently combat burnout in the students’ general assembly.

The activity began with an invocation led by the SLCM Chorale, after which a short introductory talk show was headed by Dr. Bernard Laya, Associate Dean for Research, and Dr. Malaya Santos, Associate Dean for Student Affairs.  SLCM Student Council President Nico Hermann L. Sison and Iatros Editor-in-Chief Danielle Pua, also joined them in their discussion. Ms. Pua, in particular, spoke about ‘The Apollo Papers’,  a series of written articles by the students on issues that shed light on the presence of mental health problems within the Lukan community. Dr. Santos remarked that the main barrier to people who face mental health issues is the stigma that comes with it, and how speaking about it is in and of itself a step towards the right direction.

Following their discussion, two short videos based on articles in ‘The Apollo Papers’ were presented to the audience.

Dr. Banaag then discussed how the different sources of stress and personality traits play a role in the development of burnout. He also presented the consequences of burnout and some reasons why students choose not to share their experiences. He discussed resilience, going on to say that “with resilience, a person triumphs over adversity”.

Another short interactive discussion took place after Dr. Banaag’s lecture during which the preliminary results of the recently concluded survey on the said topic by the Psychology Department were released. This served as a springboard for further discussions on the ways of coping with stress. Questions and insights from the audience were also entertained before the assembly ended.