Batch 2022, the largest class in the recent history of St. Luke’s College of Medicine with 124 students, celebrated their official entry into medical school with the third annual Nameplate Conferment Ceremony held last September 15 at Angelo King Auditorium.

The program was hosted by Dr. Jamie Eloise Agbayani, the College Secretary. The event was attended by the students, basic medical sciences faculty, staff, family and friends of the students. It began with an invocation and singing of the national anthem by the SLCM Chorale.

Dr Jamie Agbayani hosts the Nameplate Conferment Ceremony

Dr. Susan Nagtalon, the President and Dean of the college welcomed the class of 2022 with her opening remarks where she talked about the school’s continuing legacy for academic excellence and consistent performance in the recent board exams. She emphasized how the college keeps innovating its teaching strategies to cater to the needs of millennial student doctors. She ended her speech by reiterating the need for collaboration of the parents with the college to help batch 2022 achieve their dreams of becoming excellent Lukan doctors.

Nico Herman Sison, president of the SLCM Student Council, explained the significance of the nameplate conferment ceremony. He said that the conferment ceremony is something that is unique in SLCM because this serves as an acknowledgement of one’s status as student doctors. He added that because studying medicine is a privilege, everything that comes with it deserves to be celebrated. During his speech, he shared a quote from Game of Thrones, which for him, describes SLCM very well. “We are not a huge house, but we are a proud one.” He then explained how SLCM uses its little numbers to its advantage, further explaining that, “SLCM is only small in number but big in everything else.” He ended his speech with an inspirational quote for batch 2022. “You are born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and then expect to win.”

Student Council President Nico Sison

Following his speech was the conferment ceremony proper wherein batch 2022 received their nameplates alongside their parents with their family and friends as witnesses. They were conferred by Dean and President Susan Nagtalon; College Secretary Dr. Jamie Eloise Agbayani; Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Dr. Sharma Vibette Ojeda; and Associate Dean for Student Affairs Dr. Malaya Santos; and College Registrar Rod Allan E. Baldonado. Nico Sison was responsible for calling out the names of the students of batch 2022.

Dean Susan Nagtalon poses with Polychase

After the conferment of nameplates, Dr. Malaya Santos gave the closing remarks where she emphasized the need for forming lifelong bonds within the batch since the students will go through all the challenges in medical school together. She said there will be times when they will feel happy and other times when they will feel low, and that it is part of being in medical school and in the profession that we chose. She ended her remarks by saying that being in medical school is not an easy choice but it will definitely be worth it because medicine is a noble profession.

Dr Malaya Santos

After the ceremony, SLCM held an Organization Recognition program for the different student organizations in the college such as the SLCM Student Council, SLCM Chorale, SLCM Musicians’ Circle, St. Luke’s Dance Company, Iatros, Agape, Athletics Guild and Sagip-Bayan Student Group. The leaders of the respective organizations received the certificates of organization recognition.

The program ended with the singing of the SLCM Hymn, lead by the SLCM Chorale.

Student leaders of the college pose for a photo. From left to right: Raynon Decano of the St Luke’s Chorale, Danielle Pua of Iatros, Felice Santos of Musician’s Circle, Jerwin Cayetano of the Athletics Guild, Akua Henaku-Larbi of the St Luke’s Dance Company, Sharmaine Bungabong of Sagip Bayan Student Group, Holijah Uy of SLCM Agape, Internals Vice President of the Student Council Seraphim Española, and Student Council President Nico Sison.


photos by Rajiv Menghrajani