To welcome its new members and to foster camaraderie, the Performing Artists’ League (PAL) consisting of  SLCM Chorale, St. Luke’s Dance Company, and SLCM Musicians’ Circle held an Acquaintance Party at the Penthouse Lobby last August 25.

The event was hosted by Janelle Montano and Candy Völlinger, and started with an ice breaker wherein old and new PAL members steamed out in friendly competition.

Raynon Athur Decano, Nana Akua Henaku-Larbi and Felice Marie Santos, president  of Chorale, Dance Company, and Musicians’ Circle respectively,  gave an opening performance where they sang Way Back Into Love.

A performance of “Go the Distance” and “How Far I’ll Go” with a glimpse of the “Akua Humor” by the new chorale members followed suit.

During dinner the audition clips of the new PAL members were played in front of the crowd and this garnered both laughter and applause.

The new members of the Musicians’ Circle then presented a series of performances including an instrumental number and popular song covers of “The Scientist” and “Every Breath You Take”.

The SLDC rookies then performed Ariana Grande’s “Everyday” wherein body flips and hand levelings were executed as part of the routine.

SLDC rookies slay to Ariana Grande’s Everyday

Special awards and certificates with accompanying citations were then handed by the PAL presidents to selected new PAL members. The awards include “Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay,” and “High as the Heavens and Deep as Hell” for the members whose voices showed excellence in the auditions. Dominik Arcei was given a DC award for leading the new members into a performance that night.

photos by Rajiv Menghrajani