Baosheng Dadi, Eir and Helios all tied as champions of the Griglia de Notte house games held last August 5 in the 4th floor parking lot.

The said activity marked the end of the first week for this academic year wherein the new batch of freshmen and the new members of the administration were sorted into their respective houses, namely: Baosheng Dadi (blue), Brigid (red), Eir (orange), Fufluns (green) or Helios (yellow).

Freshmen waiting to be sorted

The overall theme for this year was Olympics-inspired. The five colored rings, which stands for the North and South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe continents, were represented by the five different houses in the food choices they prepared for the night. As part of the yearly tradition, roasted marshmallows were also served and a grilling place was made available.

Fufluns playing human centipede

Games were held as part of the program to practice camaraderie and unity among the members of the houses. The first game “Human Centipede” which involved collecting scattered rings while walking in circles as a team, was won by Helios with 21 rings. The second game, “Ring Toss”, which incorporated the rings collected during the first game, was triumphed by Baosheng Dadi with 28 points. The last game, “Know your Lyrics”, which involved attempts to call the number projected on a screen was won by house Eir.

House Baosheng Dadi

House Fufluns

House EIR

House Brigid

House Helios