The Lukan community hosted the Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP) to welcome 124 members of Class 2022 last July 27 and 31. The program revolved around the theme “Fantastic Medical Students and Where to Find Them”.

The first day’s program tackled the college orientation, student organizations’ presentations and welcoming ceremonies organized by the Student Council led by Internals Vice President Seraphim Española. Nico Hermann Sison, the Student Council President, delivered the opening remarks. He stated that this activity is a briefing of how the coming days will be. He also shared that rather than surviving, freshmen students must learn to willingly give their time, efforts and themselves to become a physician that can respond to the call of their patients. He reminded them that although excellence in the college is contagious, each of them must also find happiness amidst all the challenges that medical education entails.

The program was followed by the audio-visual presentations and a campus tour consisting of different stations prepared by the organizations of the college: the Student Council, SLCM Agape, SLCM Athletics Guild, SLCM Chorale, Iatros, SLCM Musicians’ Circle, St. Luke’s Dance Company and Sagip Bayan-Student Group. Special production numbers were also prepared by the members of the Performing Arts League.

On the afternoon of July 31, the second half of the FOP was held in the Angelo King Auditorium. The activity was spearheaded by Batch 2021. Carla Guico and Janelle Montano hosted the event with Danielle Co leading the opening prayer. This was followed by three team building activities entitled “Evolution”, “Snakes” and “Pens”. Afterwards, an inspirational talk was delivered by Vince Ivan Camangeg. The afternoon ended with the freshmen’s nomination for their class officers who will be elected in a week’s time.