To provide an opportunity for training and educational programs support, increase access to medical contents and customize healthcare learning experiences, Stanford University’s Digital Medical Education International Collaborative (Digital MEdIC) has become partners with St. Luke’s College of Medicine.

Adding to its roster of partner institutions from different countries, Ms. Kimberly Kon, the Digital MEdIC’s Operations Lead and Instructional Design Head, Digital MEdIC’s team and through Dr. Juliet Gabiola, a Filipino academician working at Stanford, chose St. Luke’s College of Medicine, University of Santo Tomas and University of the Philippines College of Medicine to become potential partners in the country.

Digital MEdIC is a computer-based platform that emphasizes educational innovation by making medical education digital, converting traditional learning methods to a flip-classroom model where medical students will have the opportunity to learn their classes outside the campus and use actual classroom hours for higher yielding sessions. Included in the said platform is the exclusive access to Stanford’s medical education content which may be customized according to the partner’s curricular needs.

The SLCM community were able to experience first-hand the extensive features and opportunities Digital MEdIC can offer during their discussions last June 23. Currently, the platform offers Stanford Medicine’s medical content in anatomy, biochemistry, and microbiology with plans for further expansion through the help of its partner institutions. The discussions also tackled potential internship opportunities in Stanford for deserving students and staff of SLCM where they can learn content creation. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to have up-to-date medical knowledge and education in the country.

photo by Rajiv Menghrajani