Note: the author has chosen to use a pen name for anonymity.


I know that right now, you are unsure of us.

You feel that you don’t fit into this world.

You have to adapt, to change – to be able to survive.


I know you, more than anyone else.

You are more than what you think of yourself.

You are not a person who keeps a tally of his mistakes, thinking he is unworthy of happiness. No.

Deep inside, you are longing for it.

You can’t seem to remember the last time you really felt “happy”.

You are holding up barriers, thinking you don’t deserve happiness.

But truly, you’re just afraid you might never experience it’s true meaning.


I understand that right now, you have to change.

Right now, this version of you, is who you need.

This person who keeps on trying and trying, shutting away everybody else from his life.

Isolating himself so that nobody can see him implode every time he fails, and nobody can hurt him since he doesn’t depend on anyone.

You are now getting by, waking up day after day, doing the same routine, to attain something you are not not even sure worth having.


But, trust me when I tell you, that it will be worth it.

You will realize that after all this, you will never be the same person as before – you will be someone better.

That someday, in your own special way, you will find happiness.

You will let go of barriers and embrace people in your life knowing that each moment, no matter how sad or blissful, is best spent with the people you love most.

That all these difficult times makes success much sweeter; much more exhilarating knowing that you worked hard for it despite all the negativities and self-doubts.

That someday, when you look in the mirror, you will finally see me looking back at you. That we made it through.

That finally, the I is you.



You, MD