Perfection: as future doctors, that’s what we strive for. We aim to perfect our knowledge and skills of the profession so that we not only become benevolent, but also non-maleficent. We continue to improve ourselves by studying and working hard in order to become perfect. Perfection is our end-goal.

However, that doesn’t mean that perfection should be our current state. We are allowed to be imperfect. We are allowed to fail. We are allowed not to be successful in every single endeavor we take. Of course, people who looking outside in will expect us to be perfect, which is impossible. We can never ever be. We can only be ALMOST PERFECT at best and we will have to keep improving ourselves in all the ways we can.

I have heard stories of doctors who get depressed because they were not able to save the life of a patient. I understand, however, we are only humans. Some lives we will be able to save. Some we will not. The important thing is we give our all. Right now, we can give our all in studying and once we pass the licensure exam, it means we’re competent enough to become a doctor.

My friends: it’s not wrong to fail. It’s not wrong to leave. The only way you can be wrong is if you decide to give up on your passion because of failure. It’s okay if your passion is not in here, I know you have a general direction of what you want to do in life. YOU ARE WORTH MORE THAN YOUR GRADES AND ACHIEVEMENTS. You are so much more than that. You are yourself, and I think that’s a pretty good place to start. You are a fighter, going through flames to be molded, little by little, to become the competent doctor (or professional) that you are expected to be. You are more than your profession. Most importantly, you are not alone: we are one big family in this small college and, as family, we must help each other out.

Perfection is our end-goal but failure is inevitable. We will fail one way or another. Embrace your failures. Your failures are part of your journey. Embrace your entire self. Embrace your entire experience. You may weep and shout but, after all the pain, promise you’ll stand up. Not for my sake. Promise yourself that you would not commit the same mistake and improve, improve, improve. Never give up. Sure, rest a bit when you’re tired, but get back in your game. Do what you love and enjoy: make time with family, play games, write, make art, study, dance, sing, worship, play sports, invest in your lovelife, hang out, party, serve, etc. With every trans you try to start, remember WHO you’re doing this for and WHY you’re doing it in the first place. You got this.

As for me, I will also fail in the future and I really hope I can count on you guys when that time comes. I may be weak but with you guys on this journey with me, I know we’ll make it. LABAN, LUKAN.

BATCH 2021