COMELEC concluded the Student Council Elections on April 10, on 8:02 PM. The official results are as follows:


The newly elected president Nico Sison who garnered 47.01% of the votes had a close fight against Charmaine Badon with 44.45% of the votes.

Oliver Perez won the position for Treasurer by a clear margin of 62.39% against Kevin Khu.

Seraphim Espanola garnered the highest percentage of the voting population with a turnout of 94.87% followed by Shaira Rabang with 94.02% of the votes. Anlorenze Conde and Mary Rosary de Leon won their respective positions while Rajiv Menghrajani lost his campaign for EPRO.

The incumbent External VP, Princess Camacho and Externals PRO, Izza Lim will retain their responsibilities until the special elections to be held by the COMELEC at the start of SY 2017-2018.

Out of the 295 eligible voters, 236 students voted. This is equivalent to an 80% voter turnout, however two ballots were rendered invalid. The turnout for 2021 is 85.7%, for 2020, 79.3% while for 2019, 76.5%.