Profile Shaira Rabang 2017

Meet the Candidates: Shaira Rabang

Interview by Gea Shanine S. Sedayao


Why did you choose to run as SC secretary for the SY 2017-2018? Did you opt to run for other positions?

At first, I did not plan to run any position at all, but I think what pushed me to run is that I recognized that there is a need to step up.

Somebody, [a classmate], convinced me to run for secretary. I am a Trans Head now and [I know] I can handle the job of a secretary. May nagsabi rin sa akin [I think president namin] na tatakbo ka not just because you want it but because kailangan ka ng community.


What projects do you want to implement or improve this upcoming school year?

(1) Continue implementing transparency in terms of uploading minutes of meetings.

(2) Improve coordination with the school publication in documentation.

(3) Use social media in promoting projects of the council and other organizations. Publicize events of other organizations [besides the student council] and share it [to the Lukan community].

(4) Buddy sytem sa House since Sig Sheets did not foster connection, kasi mag sign lang. With a Buddy system, may slight push to connect upper class with freshmen to help them.

(5) Promote social awareness through social media platforms like the issue on DTTB (Doctors to the Barrio) in promoting and ensuring protection [of doctors] to maintain a sustainable change. I will coordinate this with Iatros [student publication] in sharing and initiating discussions. Students can write articles about [national] issues in editorial section.

(6) Promote health awareness through social media, [wherein] people can share, comment on posts, etc.


What are your plans for the next school year’s open house?

(1) Hold the open house on a more strategic date. Avoid NMAT/NMAT Review seasons to maximize participation rate.

(2) Update video testimonies being shown to participants. Have videos for academic excellence, leadership skills formation, scholarship, career excellence and sense of community.


Why should the students vote for Shaira Rabang as SC Secretary?

I want the people to see my best efforts and that I am willing. I can be capable. I have experience as Trans Head that increased my capacity to work and to serve. I was also a Junior Program Head for 3 years in Kontra Kultura Night UP Fair.


What quality should the “best” secretary embody? What quality best encapsulates the epitome of an excellent Lukan leader?

A secretary should be meticulous about organization kasi primarily ang job ng secretary ay nagke-keep ng files and student council documents.

An excellent Lukan leader has willingness to sacrifice and dedication to service.


What national issues should the Lukan community be aware of and be concerned about? How would you address such issue?

(1) General issues on health. We should not just be confined in the academe but we should be aware of problems we should solve once we become doctors. Important talaga ang social media platforms para mapansin [yung issues].

(2) DTTB: Recognize inequality to access to health services in our country. Mahirap i-instill ang willingness to serve because not big enough yung return pay.

(3) Mental health is very relevant, very timely. Marami kasing issues na lumalabas pero kulang pa yung information.

I will promote awareness through the social media platforms. I will collaborate with the PrevMed Department on the pressing national issues because they are more knowledgeable [on such issues].


One final message you’d like to share to the Lukan community?

There are a lot of tasks assigned to the SC Secretary. I’m not saying it is going to be easy-breezy. I admit that I am already challenged by it.

It’s going to be difficult but I hope the whole student body will find it in themselves to help work and collaborate with the Student Council.