Meet the Candidates: Seraphim Española

Interview by Mary Denise Joaquin


Phim, what is your motivation for running for the position of Internals Vice President?

My motivation for running for Internals Vice President is the students. Yung nafeel ko yung support ng 2021, ng 2020, and ng upper years. It’s like my opportunity to grow more as a leader, na na-enjoy ko naman during this year.

What makes you qualified for the position?

I think I know how the [Internals] committee works already. I know what points to improve on. And then, I think yung pinaka-important na qualification is I am prepared to serve us.

You mentioned about the things you need to improve on for the following year. Could you elaborate on that?

If you noticed, house games yung major events ng Internals committee. Medyo kulang pa yung pag-attend ng people. I think sometimes dahil ‘to sa scheduling or pag malapit sa exams. So, I think that’s really the weakness. To improve on that, the year plan should be more strategic.

At the beginning of the school year, special elections had to be conducted for unfilled positions, one of which was the Internals PRO. Given that you are the current Internals PRO, why didn’t you run during the regular election period?

Before the elections, nag-class elections kami sa batch, tapos I was elected as the Internals representative. Noong regular season na ng elections, nag-back out bigla yung candidate. So, yung duty ko as Internals rep ay naging part ako ng team working during the summer. Tapos isa lang yung member ng Internals committee, the Internals Vice President. Walang maghehelp sa kanya for FOP and planning. So after ng FOP, parang na-fulfill ko na yung duties ng IPRO which was more than my job as an Internals rep. Feel ko na dapat i-continue ko na lang siya.

Did you have hesitations before, when you ran for Internals PRO?

Nung first year, syempre meron. Takot ka kasi second year, mas mahirap daw, which is true. Natatakot ka na baka magsuffer ang acads mo. Pero this year, nakilala ko sarili ko na kaya ko naman. It’s just really time management, and knowing your priorities.

How about for this year’s elections?

I thought about it for a long time, syempre kasi kailangan sa SC next year.

Kailangan laging best pa rin yung ibibigay mo for the students.

So iniisip ko kung kaya ko talaga. Tapos parang kahit dinidiscourage ka, parang ngayon kasi may feeling na gusto mo pa rin magserve. And since na-enjoy ko siya, nag-go ako.

A lot of first year students did not opt to run for student council because of the fear of the increased workload for second year. As a second year and an officer of the student council, how did you manage to balance your responsibilities?

Wala ka talagang summer, kasi nandoon yung bulk ng work. Feel ko naiisip nila na yung work is during the whole year. During summer, we have the year plan; we have everything ready. Ang mangyayari na lang during the school year is the finishing. It’s not that heavy to deal with during the school year.

Tapos kapag na-enjoy mo talaga, kapag may passion ka to do it at the best you can, makakaya mo siya, although syempre mahirap.

Feeling ko yung adjustment being a second year student takes some time. Pero yung support din ng third years – mentoring, support nila Jon Dy and Kuya Lorenz – they made sure na hindi magsusuffer acads mo.

What plans do you have for the upcoming school year? What are your platforms?

I think the main one is really the improvement of the house system. It has a lot of potential, but it’s hard because of the attendance and stuff. I also think that being the internals committee spearheading the events, we should also help the finance committee on looking for sponsors. And since may advisers na, I think there should be an event (with consultation of the houses) focused on the socialization of the house members, para mas close sila. It’s also nice to implement “Recyclables Day” per house, to encourage teamwork for more relevant causes. Also this year, heavy yung reliance on APC. I think we could help lessen that kasi kaya naman ng committee.

How do you plan to encourage students to be more involved in the various activities of the school?

I think it really boils down to the year plan. Di siya dapat mag-overlap, although nag-improve this year since wala masyadong overlap. Yung communication between orgs dapat ma-maintain rin all throughout.

Any final message for the student body?

First, they should really vote.

They should vote for someone na feel nila will do their best.

As an I-PRO signing off, super thankful for the support sa events, whether moral support lang or really attending.