Meet the Candidates: Mayose de Leon

Interview by Kathlyn Go


Why did you run? What compelled you to run?

I was a student leader since HS and honestly It’s part of me that I can’t remove. It’s like my outlet. For me if there are acads, there should also be extracurriculars to keep you sane. I ran din because nobody ran in our class, so I felt the need to step up.

I also enjoy being in the council, working with people who share the same passion and interest.

Being a leader takes its toll on people. You may have to sacrifice part of your academics. How do you plan on dealing with this?

Actually, before I submitted my application, I talked to my blockmates, Janelle and Carla. I asked for an assurance na they will watch me in terms of academics and in working in the council. Because I have this habit na I will prioritize extracurriculars over academics. Fortunately, they said yes.

Describe how you can perform the duties and responsibilities you are applying for.

The main responsibility of the Internals PRO for me, aside from the implementation of Internals Committee projects, is to disseminate information. That’s why I propose the RTR announcements and the SC Google calendar, which were not done this year. For the SC Google calendar, it’s effective because students will have access to the calendar of activities of the college and the student council at start of the year so they can prepare and schedule everything ahead of time. For the room-to-room announcements, I noticed that we didn’t do it this year, so I plan to personally go to each classroom, announce everything and establish a connection with the students. I think the connection is important because the Internals PRO serves as liaison officer between the student council and the students. Follow-up: So how do you plan to execute your responsibilities as Internals PRO? First, Together with my Internals VP, I’ll set a schedule as early as May, because in order to do these projects, I have to have a concrete plan and time management din since I’m also student.

What do you think is the most pressing problem that the student council needs to address next year?

I think the low participation of the students during SC events. That’s why I really want to do the RTR and the SC Google calendar. I also plan on revising the calendar of activities for internals. This year, we experienced two projects in November. It was very toxic and demanding. When I revised the schedule, I made sure na there is only one project per month so we have also the time to prepare.

What are the things we need to improve from the last year?

The Internals PRO needs to reach out more to the students. I envision that when you’re walking in school as an Internals PRO, you should know all the students. If not, at least you should know more than half of the population.

What are the concrete measure and projects you will make that will define your term of office?

Besides what I mentioned earlier, I also have additional projects, such as the Alcohol Dispenser and Umbrella Sharing. For the alcohol dispenser, the aim is to train us, as early as now, to have a proper hygiene and avoid the spread of disease. For the umbrella sharing, the SC will provide umbrellas that the students can borrow, they’ll just need to leave their ID’s. The PLE Guild is an operation that will help our future board takers. For me, it will serve as a tradition since we are a family here at SLCM and a sign of gratitude of the lower years to the upper years, for the transes and the tutorials they’ve given. The plan is to create a committee composed of the admin and the core student body (the presidents, house heads, etc.). The committee will be in charge of giving inspirational quotes, videos, and reviewers, organize send-off mass and congratulatory dinner, etc. Someone told me na it would require too much of my time. My solution to that was to plan early and recruit more members. I think and hope a lot of people would volunteer. For the distribution, we’ll do it per House.

What is opinion on the tuition fee increase?

For me, I understand the admin if they feel the need to increase the tuition because medical education is expensive. But if there are ways to avoid this, hopefully, they will be able to find a way. There are a lot of students who want to study medicine but don’t have money.

Do you have a message for the students?

This coming elections, I’m asking for their trust. I may be new to the council, but rest assured that my experiences as a student- leader are enough to elect me as your next Internals PRO.