Profile Kevin Khu 2017

Meet the Candidates: Kevin Khu

Interview by Cess Paredes


What or who persuade you to run as SC treasurer?

 Someone saw a potential in me and after that I begun thinking about it and I think I realized that, given the work, I will do the work and do more.


Do you have any experience in raising large scale fund-raising activities for any organization or student body?

None so far.

Honestly I think I am still maturing as a person kasi ang bata bata pa natin. Which is why I thought K-12 system will benefit us and not just the educational system because we come into college and post grad more mature. Mas ready tayo mag handle ng stress we are more mature so I guess this is me growing up.


Before running as SC treasurer do you have any position in the council, organization or in you class? Do you see it as an advantage?

In our council wala but in our class I’m committee head of pre-operations for our Tuli Mission and food committee sa upcoming [end of the year batch activity] ngayon.

Siguro pag dating lang sa learning curve, in that I have to go through the learning curve but in the long run don’t see it as a disadvantage. Feeling ko I am bringing a fresh perspective.

And like if andyaan na I don’t want to be embarrassed so I will do the work for sure.


What do you think is the problem in raising funds in our school? How will you resolve it?

I think one of the problems in raising funds is maliit yung school population natin and even then not everybody knows na IGP so kulang ng visibility a bit. (I will resolve) first of all visibility, [by] continuous promotion and pubmats, tapos for our populations siguro events or IGPs that may include friends and family of the students like a bazar, if ma-push through next year, where the students can showcase their talents and craft.

I asked around and our primary problem is that even if you ask even or  even if you get the student body involved the problem is yung non response nila.


So how can or what can you do to motivate them to interact?

I think you have to foster good relationship with them, nag susurvey ganoon para maayos yung IGP. First through the house system and then from there you just get to know the others, example different houses include different year level so atleast comfortable kayo ang through the SC na rin. Kasi honestly hanggang college I am so introvert but now I can socialize na.


What are your future projects?

For sure the [school fundraising] bazaar, I would like to push that through and before adding any more projects I would like to look through projects na hindi nagpush, yung hangang concept  paper pa kasi may mga projects na hindi naman nag push but have potential.

Naisip ko rin, since we had our first alumni homecoming last year, If we foster good relation with our alumni maybe mas maayos yung pagsulicit natin ng donations from them.

I want to collaborate also with the internals to have some sort of fund raising between the houses na year long where at the end they get a portion and the rest go to the fund. It is jot just a simple IGP but it fosters camaraderie and I feel it can be dedicated to Palarong Medisina. Mahirap din kasi sa athletes because when they have practice they have to pay for the venue, for things.


May naisip ka bang i-sell na items for raising funds?

First concentrating muna sa merchandise na already there because may excess pa.


What difference can you make or contribute to our council?

Well of course my work, hard work, and I feel there are a lot of resources that I can tap like sponsorship. I think that there are a lot of potential na alam ko. (Also) I guess I can give a lot of my time kasi magisa lang ako dito, my family is not here so I will not beset of any family activities so I can give my time.


What motivates you? Who is/are your inspiration/s?

New experiences siguro, the people around me, my family,and my two nieces, feel ko ako magpapaaral sa kanila. Other than that I like helping and maybe I did not do as much as before but I would like the opportunity to try now.

My other source of motivation is that, kasi nag Palarong Medisina and I was one of the athletes, nakakainggit na other school has more funding has full support and I want that for us kasi I think we can do so much more and by that we can promote the school.