Meet the Candidates: Bor Perez

Interview by Kristella Draheim


What are your projects and how will Lukans benefit from it?

WoRTH IT, where W stands for whole school garage sale for all organizations. We will provide an opportunity for them to sell, for them to have an incoming generating project. The role of SC here is to set a venue. We won’t be selling but we’ll look into screening what the organizations will sell.

R is a revolving contingency fund. We know that organization and batches do their own income generating projects. Our main problem now is palarong medisina. Right now the admin has given their support but that’s not adequate, the problem last year, it was not enough.

We are thinking of this revolving contingency fund, the income from ordering of uniforms, books, and even merchandise, we plan to allot a small percentage, 10-15%, from our income as an emergency fund. This can be used as emergency money by any organization.

What if all organizations need the money at the same time?

The revolving contingency fund is the last resort.

We offer more solutions to that such as the garage sale.  They are still allowed to do their own IGPs but we are offering them something extra.

For the case of AG, how far are you going to fund them if you have abundant money, will you go beyond as to provide them trainers?

Budgeting requires a lot of planning. From the start, SC will allot money for AG, but if for example SC as a remaining budget of 70K and SC will not spend anything else the rest of the year, will we give it to AG? The answer to that is no. The contingency fund should be the last resort.

Next, T stands for trading Facebook group. We will sensor what to sell and buy but the trade is for the benefit of organizations and Lukans.

H is house of finance representatives, a small coalition of representatives compose of all finance reps of every org and class to communicate with us, to ask for financial advice, and our meetings would be once a month. Lor and I gathered 460K for the Christmas party and we want to share that knowledge.

And then IT, integrity and trust, with all the project a treasurer can offer, it’s just all words without the integrity and trust. You really need to be honest always. For every peso the SC receives you need to put it into account.


What specific projects/steps are you going to take to ensure transparency of finances?

First step is to review the SC status of accounts, that’s what happens during the transition period. After that we’ll continue their good work of being transparent and being accurate. Lastly we will implement schedules when to release financial reports. Lor and I want to work with the president just like last year’s SC, in budgeting and deciding when to release these reports.


What made you run for council, specifically Treasurer?

During first year, I didn’t run. But I ran for treasurer of the class because I was the asst. treasurer of our student government in college so I had the experience. After that, I want to run for a higher position but my classmates that time all aimed for higher positions, and the class was left with no previous officers. Ako nalang natira nung second year. I was afraid first that it will affect my grades but I lost all the reason not to run when during last year’s election no one ran for Treasurer and they conducted a special election. I realized there and then, we were all at the same situation. It’s a rare thing for someone to be interested in finances, I think it’s time for me to run for SC treasurer.


What’s the biggest experiences that will help you in Treasurer work?

Biggest experience I had was during my 3rd year in college, I was asst. treasurer of my whole school, we were having 30 events per year, and that’s a lot of money; we were handling around 2 million for the whole year.

The sum of money does not mean anything if you don’t have any honesty. So basically the best experience for me was resisting the constant temptation to be dishonest with money. It is always a conscious effort to be honest with money. Secondarily nalang ang experiences with events.


Do you believe in semi-transparency, would you consider dishonesty in no receipts in transportation such as in jeeps?

In my undergrad, as asst. treasurer, we take into account everything, how did we do it? Normally we rely in receipts or invoices, that’s why I launched a voucher system in my class this year. A voucher is a pseudo-receipt for the class to use if the seller did not release a receipt. We all know that the receipts cost money too, usually hindi nalang mag i-issue ang tindahan ng receipt kasi malulugi pa sila. That’s why we are the ones who make the receipt. It has a slot for the commodity, price, and signature of the one selling. It can be used for tricycle fee or jeepney fee. It is a system introduced to me in my college. That’s how everything is taken into account.


If you win, what’s going to be different this year?

Ako ba dapat tanungin nun? (laughs) I think it’s more opt for higher positions, but we are aiming to address one of the main concerns, palarong medisina. I think other officers are also concerned with palarong medisina.


Will you ever consider removing palarong medisina, because funding is hard, and we don’t usually win?

It’s not relevant if the suggestion of the Treasurer is to remove the palarong med. The treasurer is concerned with managing finances. What we can do at most is ask the question “papayag ba kayo magshed ang SC for palarong med?” But deeming palarong med out of the picture is impossible. We can always say we won’t fund you, but we don’t want that.

I want the best for the Lukan community and it includes being holistic. Not all people are inclined to dancing, singing, or journalism alone. It is not enough for us not to support our athletes because they are not [able to give a good performance], maybe it is the reverse, maybe if we support our athletes then they will give a better performance.


What’s your disadvantage in this election?        

I don’t know. I’m imagining a scenario wherein a person will not vote for me because I’m not an SC officer last year; it might be a huge leap for them, from a class officer to a very high position in the SC. They might think I’m not capable.


How will you balance chorale, council, and academic life?

Actually kulang pa nga eh (laughs). It entails a lot of sacrifice. I know I had to remove some other leadership out of my system, and they are: being the captain of the dota team, MC, palarong med maybe, because as treasurer I’m going to work with SC. Once I win, SC will become a priority. Hmm, cholare is a good comparator to SC and academic life. First I need to put in mind I’m a medical student. First priority is studies, second is SC because it’s serving the Lukan community, you cannot put it anywhere below, whereas chorale, luckily I’m an ordinary member. That will still able to make me function fully as an SC treasurer, same goes for Lor. And of course, pag nandito ka sa St. Luke’s were expected to perform exceptionally, and to be able to manage our time well.


What project of last year’s SC do you want to continue this year?

I want to continue the scholarship program of SC. Not all deserving students are given grants. We will strengthen it. The SC informed everyone, but it was not strengthened, it was not effective enough. May mga magagaling talaga, isa nalang sana, sayang na sayang, those students are the priority, and those who cannot continue to study without a scholarship.


Thoughts on Doctors to the Barrios?

The vision of the school is to create specialists and it’s really a stand of the dean that our goal is to work on our specialization, we don’t prioritize DTB because it is not much of a specialization. That’s why the stand of the school is “ibang schools nalang”. But it does not limit us from going there. Personally, I want to be a DTB but I’m not planning to spend my life there, maybe half a year at max.


Thoughts on Duterte?

I think we need to be unified as an SC in our opinion with the government so that the Lukan community will not find it hard to follow or agree with something, because the integrity is lost without the unified stand. The opinion should be based on the values the school upholds, vision and mission, expected behaviors as Lukan doctors.

Personally, I like the presidents’ methods except that he uses non-police officers to kill drug pushers and users. I understand if ever someone dies during police duty especially if the drug user is armed, by justice, you need to defend yourself by eliminating the criminal. But if you’re using non-police people, it’s not right for me. It is not healthy that he silences his opposers. I’m a product of Davao, my experience and my conscience tells me [the president] is not perfect.