Bearing the theme “Sportify: Playing through the athlete’s tune,” SLCM formally opened this year’s SportsFest at the Amoranto Sports Complex, Quezon City on October 26, 2016.

The students, administration, and staff were present as the event started with an opening prayer led by Charmaine Badon, followed by the opening speech of the SLCM Athletics Guild president, James Ayuson.

Livening up the event was the chanting of each batch’s cheer—starting with the 2nd years, then the 1st years and 3rd years, respectively.

1 opening ceremony

The torch lighting and reciting of the Oath of Sportsmanship was done to formally open the event, which ended with a special performance from the SLCM Musician’s Circle. The scheduled sports for the day were then played after the opening ceremonies.



DAY 1 – October 26, 2016; Amoranto Sports Complex

3rd yr vs. CIFAST / 1st yr vs. 2nd yr

This year’s opening basketball match—held at the Amoranto Sports Stadium on October 26, 2016—ended with the CiFASt team beating Batch 2019 with a score of 63-42. Batch 2020 triumphed the second game with a 7-point lead against the 1st years, and a final score of 31-24. The 2nd years maintained their lead all throughout the game with John Hanrahan and Tedy Ang as leading scorers. Both CiFASt and Batch 2020 will continue to compete against other year levels for the succeeding days.

2 basketball 2021 2020

DAY 2 – October 27, 2016; Trinity University of Asia College

2nd yr vs. 3rd yr.

On the second day of the SLCM Sportsfest 2016, Batch 2019 faced off against Batch 2020 in the men’s basketball game held at the Trinity University of Asia College Gymnasium. Batch 2020’s Meggy Garcia banked 13 points for his team and Carl Favorito of Batch 2019 won 20 points for his. The competition was neck and neck between the two teams, but the game ended at 30-29 in favor of Batch 2020, giving them their second win in men’s basketball.

3 basketball 2020 2019

1st yr vs. CIFAST

It was Batch 2021 versus CiFASt during the men’s basketball game on day 2 of the SLCM SportsFest 2016 held at the Trinity University of Asia College Gymnasium. EJ Maaño scored 29 points for the freshman team while RJ Ledda took 15 points for the CiFASt team. After the fourth quarter, the game ended with a score of 41-53 in favor of the CiFASt team, winning them another game in men’s basketball.

4 basketball 2021 CIFAST

DAY 3 – November 2, 2016; Amoranto Sports Complex

2nd yr vs. CIFAST

CIFAST won against the 2nd years with a 29-point lead. The final score of the basketball game was 64-35. The top shooters for the CIFAST team were Dr. Tom Mendez and Dr. Jordan Diaz, who each scored 17 points. Rafael Tan led the 2nd years, scoring 13 points. The basketball matches took place last November 2, 2016 at Amoranto Sports Complex.

5 bastketball 2020 CIFAST

1st yr vs. 3rd yr.

After four grueling quarters, it was a close fight between the 1st years and 3rd years as the 1st years won with only a two-point lead. The basketball match ended with a 25 – 23 score. EJ Maaño, a first year student, bagged 13 points, the highest individual points in the whole game. Carl Favorito, on the other hand scored the highest for the third years. He contributed a total of 10 points to his team.

6 2021 2019

Finals – November 4, 2016; Brgy. Mariana Covered Court

On the afternoon of November 4, 2016, at Brgy Mariana Covered Court, the Finals round of Men’s Basketball was held where CIFAST competed with Batch 2020.

The game was packed with supporters from the different teams including our administrator Dra Joanne De Ramos and students from Batch 2020.

The two teams competed for 10 minutes each quarter. At the end of the allotted time, CIFAST maintains its championship in the Men’s Basketball of this year’s Sportsfest entitled Sportify: Playing with the athletes’ tune.



DAY 1 – October 26, 2016; Amoranto Sports Complex

1st yr vs. 2nd yr.

Batch 2020 dominates the first volleyball games and wins against Batch 2021, winning 2 sets.

7 volleyball 2021 2020

3rd yr vs. CIFAST

Previous volleyball champs Batch 2019 makes their first volleyball win of the season against CIFAST, with points 2-1.

DAY 2 – October 27, 2016; Trinity University of Asia College

2nd yr vs. 3rd yr.

The first volleyball game of the day started past eight in the evening at Trinity University between batches 2020 and 2019. The close fight for the first set only lasted less than ten minutes, when 2019 finished off the game unsparingly against 2020. During the second set, batch 2020 was left with no chance against the defending champions finishing 2-sets in the latter’s favor.

8 volleyball 2020 2019 (2)

1st yr vs. CIFAST

CIFAST finished off their second volleyball game after two rounds against the freshmen. In the first round, the freshmen garnered a fair score of fifteen. For the second round, the freshmen maintained their lead until the 20th point, when Mark Aragones served for seven consecutive times, leading the CIFAST team to victory. This was the last game of the day.

9 volleyball 2021 CIFAST

Finals – November 4, 2016; Brgy. Mariana Covered Court

The volleyball defending champs, Class 2019, had the chance to defend the crown against CIFAST at the Mariana covered court. The venue was filled with excited spectators and fans, including the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. De Ramos, and the Vice Dean, Dr. Nagtalon. Both teams had their game faces on, especially since their last match had been so heated, ending with a third set with a score of 15-10 in favor of Class 2019. CIFAST, despite being short in terms of their roster of players, was very eager to grab the championship title from the two-time champions. Class 2019, armed with their powerful players, did not make it easy for CIFAST. The defending champs finished the 5-set championship game in 3 straight sets: 25-21, 25-16, 25-18.

It was a remarkable three-peat win for the team of Class 2019, winning the volleyball championship since 2014. Five members of the team–Jose Ang, Lehi Surio, EJ Velasquez, Khaya Naraval, and Daniel Villangca–were also part of this year’s Volleyball Mythical 6 Players.



DAY 1 – October 27, 2016; Trinity University of Asia College

1st yr vs. 3rd yr.

Day 2 of SLCM SportsFest 2016 started with a dodgeball game between 1st and 3rd years held at Trinity University of Asia. Batch 2021 won 2 out of 3 games. The rules were simple: for each round the group shall hit and eliminate as many players of the opposite team as they can. Each round lasted for 7 minutes and composed of 5 players to start per team. Round 1 was dominated by freshmen with 3 players remaining, versus one remaining player on the 3rd year team. In round 2, the 3rd years tied the overall game with all 5 players remaining, while a single player was left for the 1st years. The 3rd and last round was snatched by Batch 2021, with 4 players remaining and 2 out of 5 players eliminated from the opposite team.

10 dodgeball 2020 2019

2nd yr vs. 3rd yr.

Game 2, between the 2nd and 3rd years, was won by Batch 2019 with a 2-0 mark. In round 1, Batch 2019 eliminated 2 players while Batch 2020 had only eliminated a single player. The 2nd and last round left Batch 2019 with 4 players, while only 3 players remained for Batch 2020.

DAY 2 – November 2, 2016; Amoranto Sports Complex

What began as a grueling battle royale of bullet-like balls and flying bodies turned into the undisputed victory for Batch 2019 after the semi-finals and finals matches on the last day of SportsFest’s Dodgeball bracket.

1st yr vs. 2nd yr.

The night kicked off with the semi-finals match between Batches 2020 and 2021, ending after a close 3-game match where the freshmen picked up the win with a final score of 2-1 and advanced to the finals.


The championship match between 2019 and 2021 heated up with 2019 picking up the win on the first game and both teams intensely strategizing during intermissions. Batch 2021 tried to tie the game by employing their game plan, but the third-years used tactics of their own and outdid the freshmen with a final score of 2-0, emerging from the clash and the Dodgeball tournament as the victors.

11 dodgeball FINALS



October 29, 2016; UP Sunken Garden

The SportsFest Football game ended in a tie between Team 2020 and Team 2021, with a final score of 1-1 on the third day of SportsFest at UP Sunken Garden. Unfortunately, both team captains agreed to finalize the game with the tie score after both having defeated Team 2019 during the first and second rounds of the game.

12 football 2



October 29, 2016; UP Sunken Garden

Team 2019 was in the lead and consistent in defeating all three matches of the game. It was a very impressive performance. They won against team 2020 with a score of 8-4, won with a score of 6-5 versus the CIFAST team, and finally, got a score of 11-1 against Team 2021. Meanwhile, Team 2020 won two matches out of three, scoring 11-1 against Team 2021 and a score of 7-5 versus CIFAST. Moreover, Team CIFAST won a match of 9-0 against team 2021.

13 frisbee (4)



November 2, 2016; SLCM Penthouse Lobby and Student Lounge

For table tennis, Batch 2021 won overall in the women’s division, while Batch 2019 won the men’s division. The overall winner for the minor games was Batch 2019, with a total score of 102. Batch 2020, Batch 2021, and CIFAST followed with overall scores of 92, 70, and 62, respectively

14 table tennis



November 2, 2016; Mineski

St. Luke’s College of Medicine Batch 2020 was the champion of this year’s Sportsfest DotA 2 Competition, which took place in Mineski Infinity, E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave, on November 3-4, 2016. Three teams participated during the event: Batch 2019, 2020 and 2021.

The initial elimination round was of a round robin format, with Batch 2019 and 2020 having 1 win each, which secured them a slot for the grand finals. Batch 2021 was unable to win their games, and were eliminated.

The grand final was played in a best-of-three format. Batch 2020 dominated and swept through Game 1 within 30 minutes. In game 2, Batch 2020 slowly lost control of the game when Batch 2019 smothered them to submission and indecision, with the game lasting for more than 50 minutes.

15 DoTa

The final game was then played with both teams being one win away from bagging the championship. Batch 2019 drafted an all-in pushing strategy, which was countered by Batch 2020’s farm strategy and plays with Smoke of Deceit.

The game finisher was when Batch 2020 Team Captain Jonas Ramel’s Lion was able to lure the whole enemy team in a congested spot in the map. Louen Visaya quickly followed up with a 4-man Slithereen Crush, and Junnel Advincula put the nail in the coffin by blinking and decimating the four–an Ultra Kill.

The team is set to prepare for the upcoming DotA Tournament in this school year’s Palarong Medisina in February. Team Roster: Oliver Perez III – Overall Captain and Team Coach; Junnel Advincula – Hard Carry; Theo Erl Avila – Mid; Louen Mark VIsaya – Offlane; David Goy – Farming Support; Jonas Ramel – Team Captain/ Hard Support.



November 4, 2016; SLCM

The last day of the Sports Fest started off with the Amazing Race. This year’s Amazing race was full of new twists and challenges. Each team from 1st year to 3rd year was represented by five members. The first year representatives were Tricia Garcia, Carla Guico, Hazel Encarnado, Cryon Sarmiento and Vicky Salting. The second year team was composed of Jerwin Cayetano, Joshua Wong, Tin Licarte, Gerard Ona and Vengale Lim. For the juniors, the team members were Hanna La Rosa, R-jay Agbon, Coleen Vergara, Lordan Cadiente and Stephanie Kaye Cala.

Each team had to go through five stations that tested their stamina, wits and decision making skills. Each station had a specific activity based on a theme.  “Waterbender” was a quirky challenge that required the teams to fill a cup with their sweat. In “Pyramids”, each team built a pyramid using cards. “Learn to Count” tested the inner Lukan in each of them as they answered questions about the St. Luke’s building.  “A Beautiful Mind” station was full of riddles, math problems and puzzles. The last station had two options, “Magic Carpet” or “Hawaiian” which were both fun games that tested teamwork. The first team to finish all stations in the least amount of time wins.

It was a tight race but the juniors triumphed in the end with a total time of 2 hours and 20 minutes. In second place was the freshmen that finished in 2 hours and 23 minutes followed closely by the sophomores with a total time of 2 hours and 37 minutes. Congratulations to the representatives for a job well done!

amazing race


November 4, 2016; Brgy. Mariana Covered Court

On the morning of November 4, 2016, at Brgy. Mariana Covered Court, St Luke’s College of Medicine held its Women’s Basketball tournament between batches 2019, 2020 and 2021, as well as CIFAST. Supporters of the different teams came to watch the girls play.

The rules consisted of the usual 3 second, foul, and travelling violations as the usual basketball game. However, the duration of the three-on-three game was only for 20 minutes within a half-court.

First game was Batch 2019 against CIFAST with the latter winning the round. Simultaneously, Batch 2020 and 2021 competed with the latter winning the game.

16 womens basketball

The Second round was played by Batch 2019 against Batch 2021 with the latter winning the game. Simultaneously, CIFAST wins against Batch 2020.

The championship which was held on the same day right after the eliminations game was played by Batch 2021 against CIFAST with CIFAST winning the championship of this year’s Sportsfest.

16 womens basketball (2)



November 4, 2016; Playdium

The bowling games of ‘Sportify,’ the college SportsFest organized by the SLCM Athletics Guild, were held in the Playdium Bowling Center last Friday, November 4. The four teams–Class 2021, Class 2020, Class 2019, and CIFAST–battled in the first round, thirsty for the title. The top two teams who had the highest average scores advanced to the final round. The CIFAST rose to the top with an average score of 131.6. Class 2021 came in second with an average score of 104.75. The final round between CIFAST and Class 2021 was spectacular and ended with a final tally of 127.4-95, in favor of CIFAST.

17 bowling (2)

It was a well-deserved win for CIFAST. Their players – Intern Eric Lin, Intern Carlo Castillo, Ma’am Cathy Yolores, and Ma’am Gadhe Magallon – also filled all the slots for this year’s Bowling Mythical 4 Players.



The Mr and Ms Lukan 2016 program proper last November 4 was interspersed with the awarding of the winners and players of the recently concluded College SportsFest. The announcement was done by the Athletics Guild President, James Ayuson while the trophies and medals were given by the AG Finance Committee Heads Erika Joy Velasquez and Khaya Naraval.

For the Men’s Basketball category, the Mythical Five composed of EJ Maano from Batch 2021, Miggy Garcia and Teddy Ang from Batch 2020, Carl Favorito from Batch 2019 and Intern Jordan Diaz from CIFASt. The champion team for the men’s basketball category was CIFASt.

For Women’s Basketball, the Mythical Five consisted of Czarina Buenviaje and Janelle Montano from Batch 2021, Myra Pascua from Batch 2020, and from CIFASt, Intern Anna Robles and Mrs. Gadhe D. Magallon. CIFaSt were again the Champions for this category.

18 awarding womens myth5

For the Volleyball Games, the Mythical Six were Paul Agregado from Batch 2020, and Erika Joy Velasquez, Jose Ang, Khaya Naraval, Daniel Villangca and Johnlehi Surio from Batch 2019. The Champions for the Volleyball Category were Class 2019.

For the Ultimate Frisbee Games, the Mythical Seven were Jerwin Cayetano of Batch 2020, James Ayuson, R-jay Agbon and Daniel Villangca from Batch 2019, and Interns Liandro Dolojan and Victor Ian Lim and Clerk Mark Aragones from CIFASt. The Champion was again, Batch 2019.

For the Football Category, the Mythical Seven were Rafael Vigilia (2021), John Hanrahan (2021), Kristella Draheim (2021), Megan Nierras (2020), Michael Joshua Wong (2020), Izza Lim (2020), and Kaye Cala (2019). The Champions were both Class 2020 and 2021.

18 awarding football myth7

For the Men’s Table Tennis Category the notable player for Singles A was Lehi Surio (2019), and for Singles B, Julienne Yarra (2019). For the Doubles Category, it was Clerks Mike Magcase and Paul Yu from CIFASt. For the Mixed Doubles, the winners were Lehi Surio and Natasha Lee of Batch 2019. The Champions were Class 2019.

For the Women’s Table Tennis, the notable player for Singles A was Clerk Hannah Tan, for Singles B, Catherine Sicadsicad (2021), and for Doubles, Kristella Draheim and Katherine Villa (2021). The Champion for Table Tennis was Class 2021.

For Men’s Badminton, the Single’s notable player was Rafael Tan (2020), for the Doubles Team, Kenver Resuello and Kevin Khu (2020), and for the Mixed Doubles, Paul Aggregado and Charmaine Badon (2020). The Champion for Men’s Badminton was Class 2020.

18 awarding badminton men

For the Women’s Badminton, the Singles notable player was Faith Co of Batch 2019 and the Doubles Winners were Catherine Sicadsicad and Katherine Villa from Batch 2021. The Champion of Women’s Badminton was Class 2019.
The Bowling Mythical Four were Interns Eric Lin, Carlo Castillo and Ma’am Cathy Yolores and Mrs. Gadhe D. Magallon from CIFASt. The Champion was CIFASt.

18 awarding bowling

For the Minor Games, which was accounted for by all the points garnered from the Amazing Race, the Food Eating Contest, Jackstone, Tablet Games, Monopoly Deal, Chinese Garter, Chess, DotA and Dodgeball, the champion was Class 2019.

As for the overall rankings, with a total of 62 points, CIFASt garnered 4th place. Placing 3rd, Class 2021 earned 70 points while in 2nd place, Class 2020 garnered 92 points. With a total of 102 points from the major and minor games, the champion for this year’s SportsFest was Class 2019.


All photos are from the SLCM 2016-2017 Student Council