Last October 1, 2016 at the SLCM campus, 171 students and parents participated in the Open House 2016, entitled “Lukan for Adventure.” The event was organized by the Open House AdHoc committee headed by Anlorenze Conde, the Student Council headed by Jon Dy, and the Secretariat Committee headed by Martin Magadia. Volunteers from Batch 2020 and 2021 facilitated the entire event.


The program started with the invocation led by AGAPE, and singing of the National Anthem led by the SLCM Chorale. Dean Brigido Carandang welcomed the participants and shared the best things about SLCM in his Opening Remarks. Vice Dean Susan Nagtalon, then gave an introduction about SLCM. Dr. Joanne Sebastiana De Ramos talked about the “Culture of Excellence” and Admission Requirements. She also answered questions regarding admission and scholarships offered in SLCM. Then, interns Patricia Pintac and Darwin Dela Cruz shared their “Lukan Experience” to the participants. The SLCM Dance Company and SLCM Chorale showcased their talents during the morning program.


After lunch, the participants proceeded with the tours. The nine stations included: SLCM Library, Student Life, Research and Molecular Medicine, Public Health, Anatomy, Histology and Pathology, and a Photobooth and games station. In the tours, the organizers wanted the participants to discover more about the unique curriculum of the college. Hence, they included stations for Clinical Evaluation and Foundations of Medicine. The speakers of the Clinical Evaluation station were Jerwin Cayetano and Louise De Guzman, while the speakers of Foundations of Medicine were Earl Reyes and Christelle Ang.

Following the tours was the closing ceremony, wherein Intern Carlo Castillo shared the top ten reasons why one should choose St. Luke’s College of Medicine. The Musician’s Circle performed for the audience and Student Council President Jon Dy capped off the event with his Closing Remarks.

AGAPE, Athletics Guild, SLCM Dance Company, SLCM Chorale, Musician’s Circle, Iatros, Philippine Medical Schools Association (PMSA) and the Student Council set-up booths during the Open House to showcase their mission and activities and entice future SLCM students to become part of their organization.

For Evaluation, the participants wrote positive and negative comments on the feedback form. While some just commented on some technical difficulties encountered during the program—the Angelo King Auditorium being “very cold” among a few other minor comments—some positive comments about the program included “good time management” and “well planned.” The speakers and facilitators were also noted to be very friendly and approachable.

One participant even commented “Made me think twice about choices, SLCM, I might see you soon.”