October 5, 2015 – the SLCM General Assembly held at the Angelo King auditorium focused on medical education in the new millennium, through two talks by clerk JM de Blois and Dr. Jake Bryan Cortez. This is in accordance to APMC’s 50th anniversary celebration, where medical schools are to discuss about their curricular history and evolution.

De Blois tackled the role of the millennial physician, who is bombarded with the technological advancement of the modern society, and pointed out the importance of a patient-centered approach with regards to the physician’s new role. In order to achieve this, de Blois stressed how a medical education should adapt to the modern times by employing a learner-centered philosophy through mentorship thereby fostering the development of professionalism, focused on patient welfare, patient autonomy, and social justice.


After de Blois was Cortez, who presented a potential curriculum model, currently being done in other medical schools abroad, such as Harvard. As with de Blois, Cortez acknowledges that the bulk of medical concepts in these modern times makes it difficult to consolidate into long term memory, and so he proposed focusing on core concepts and the most common diseases. As opposed to the standard classroom-lecture set-up on an array of subjects being taught one step at a time, he suggested a spiral model in teaching, focused on integration of the different subjects. Another proposal was the “flipped classroom”, which involved self-directed learning in students through a guided module. As in Harvard, students attend classes only twice or thrice a week, where discussions will focus on questions that the students may have gotten from their self-study.


The college dean, Dr. Brigido Carandang Jr., expressed the relevance of the discussion, especially with the ongoing PASCU accreditation. He acknowledged that the process of reform will take a long time before actual change will occur, but that such a discussion is necessary.

Prior to the speeches, a case presentation was held under the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the SLMC, by intern Humbeline H. Gaboy with clerk Aidelind Sia. The case was of a Mullerian duct anomaly in a pediatric patient, specifically uterus didelphys with obstructed functional left hemiuterus, with left hematometra and hematosalpix, leiomyoma, endometrial cyst in the left ovary. The discussion included possible differential diagnosis, pathophysiology with a short discussion on embryology, imaging modalities to be used, and management, which was for the patient, retroperitoneal laparoscopic hemihysterectomy of the obstructed uterine horn as well as left oophorocystectomy. Dr. Socorro Bernardino served as the reactor. The SLCM does monthly presentations by clerks and interns regarding patient cases or researches.