The Mr. and Ms. Lukan pageant was held last November 4, 2016 at the Angelo King Auditorium, alongside the conclusion of the College SportsFest, marked by the Atheletics Guild SportFest Awarding.

The advocacy this year was Mental Health Awareness, and the theme was “Philippines: Pearl of the Orient.” Each pair of candidates represented a province from Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. Shaira Rabang and AZ Yumul from Class 2021 represented Benguet. Akua Henaku-Larbi and Kevin Lazaro from Class 2020 represented the Mindanao province of Lanao del Sur. Cheryl Argent and Brylle Catague from Class 2019 represented the province of Bacolod.

15440343_897633470372952_3991038621943164255_o Benguet: Shaira Rabang and AZ Yumul from Class 2021

The Batch Effort component of the contest started at 6:30 pm, wherein a main course meal unique to the chosen province was prepared by the members of each batch. For Benguet, Batch 2021 prepared Igado, a popular Ilocano dish. Batch 2020 prepared the Maranao dish, Chicken Piaparan. Meanwhile, Batch 2019 prepared the famous Chicken Inasal of Bacolod. This was 20% of the overall criteria for judging of the candidates, with 40% of this category depending on the food presentation, 45% from its taste, and 15% credited to the relevance to the province.

The program for Mr. and Ms. Lukan officially began with the opening remarks of the hosts, R-jay F. Agbon and Lyka Atienza, as they also explained the criteria for judging. 70% of the overall criteria was based solely on the Awards Night—40% of this would be coming from the Q & A segment, 30% from the Talent portion, 15% from the Formal Wear and the last 15% from the Theme Wear. Exclusive of the Awards Night, 20% came from the batch food presentation, and the last 10% came from the online voting contest.

15578287_897633753706257_5452897190551006414_o Lanao del Sur: Akua Henaku-Larbi and Kevin Lazaro from Class 2020

They also introduced the judges for the contest. The first judge was the College Secretary, Dr. Malaya Santos, the second was TV5 news correspondent, Mr. Mon Gualvez, and the last was Mr. Lukan 2013, Dr. Samuel C. Tan.

The Musician’s Circle then set the stage for the entrance of the candidates with the song “Byahe Tayo”. As they entered wearing their theme wear, the candidates also introduced themselves and the provinces they were representing. For this category, they were judged based on their poise and bearing, their stage presence, and their adherence to the theme.


Bacolod: Cheryl Argent and Brylle Catague from Class 2019

An intermission number was performed by the SLCM Dance Company as they danced to some songs coming from the movie “Suicide Squad,” and to “Rhythm Nation” by Janet Jackson.

The highly anticipated part of Awards Night—the talent portion—came next. The candidates from Batch 2020 brought the culture of Lanao del Sur on stage as Akua Henaku-Larbi and Kevin Lazaro, alongside some members of their batch, performed a singkil.


Batch 2019 had a different take in their performance as they focused more on the advocacy of the pageant. Brylle Catague and Cheryl Argent both performed dance numbers of their own before dancing as partners. Brylle Catague then exhibited his artistic skills by painting the face of a happy mask representing Bacolod’s festival and then inverted it to reveal a frowning face, relating it to Mental Health Awareness. Chery Argent also sang Lady Gaga’s song, “Till it Happens to You.” And lastly, Batch 2021’s Shaira Rabang and AZ Yumul performed “All My Friends” and “Youth” alongside their batchmates.


The next part of the pageant was the Q and A portion. For the first round, each contestant was given a phrase or a statement to talk about within one minute. Some of the phrases were “Countering Social Stigma of Depression” to which Cheryl Argent’s answer focused on how depression is a sickness that is preventable and curable at the same time, and “Ignorance Over Mental Health” where Shaira Rabang raised the awareness on the low number of psychiatrists in the country.

For the second round of Q & A, each contestant was asked the same question: “What do you think is the greatest problem in the medical industry today and how can we solve it?”

Akua Henaku-Larbi answered that there are places in the country that do not have access to medical care. She sees herself as part of the solution by saying that it would be her feet that would take her to those places, her mind that will know the cure, and her hands that will bring healing.

Cheryl Argent’s answer was, “We don’t have enough change in the way we address communities…the way we interact with people…there is still a hierarchy problem we are addressing, we don’t have enough change in looking to other allied health professionals for their advice as well. We have to work as a team [with them]…we have to change so many things… we are standing still in the medical profession. I believe that the first thing we need to change is how we teach our future doctors.”

After the rounds of question and answer, the SLCM Chorale performed “Isang Dugo, Isang Lahi and Isang Musika”. The Student Council, led by the project head, Mary Rosary de Leon, SC President, Jon Dy, and Internals VP Lorenz Villegas, then presented Certificates of Appreciation for the judges of the pageant.

This was followed by the College SportsFest Awarding where Class 2019 is the back-to-back overall Champions.

Before the awarding proper, Ms. Lukan 2015, Analida Kiat from Class 2020, had her last walk on the stage. R-jay Agbon and Lyka Atienza then called the candidates back on the stage for the announcement of the special awards and winner.


The Best in Creative Wear Award was given to Brylle Catague for the male category while for the female category, it was awarded to Shaira Rabang.

The Best in Formal Wear Award went to Brylle Catague once again, and for the female category, to Akua Henaku-Larbi.

The Best in Talent Award was given to Class 2019’s representatives: Brylle Catague and Cheryl Argent.

Class 2020 garnered the Best in Food Presentation award.

Each candidate was then given a Certificate of Recognition before the major awards.

The second runner up for Mr. Lukan was AZ Yumul, the 1st-runner up was Kevin Lazaro and Mr. Lukan 2016 was none other than Brylle Catague.

As for Ms. Lukan, the 2nd-runner up was Shaira Rabang, followed by Akua HenakuLarbi. Ms. Lukan 2016 was Cheryl Argent.


To formally end the event, Internals VP Lorenz Villegas gave the closing remarks.