After finishing their first block exams, the first year medical students were given their respective nameplates last September 15, 2016 at the Angelo King Auditorium. The event started at 3:30pm and ended at 5:30pm. The Plating Ceremony was hosted by the college secretary, Dr. Malaya Santos and the student council president, Jon Stewart Dy.

The program started with an introduction about the purpose and significance of the plating ceremony for every first year student. In the same way that medical school graduates are awarded with a white coat to signify their achievement, the first years are given their nameplates to symbolize the beginning of their long journey. The tradition of the plating ceremony started with Batch 2019. However, this year, the students were also allowed to bring at most two guests who would confer and attach the nameplates to them, signifying that these people are a part of who they are and who they will one day become.

The opening remarks were delivered by the Dean, Dr. Brigido Carandang Jr. He talked mainly about the importance of enjoying medical school and about the essential role of the parents in each student’s journey in becoming medical doctors.
Afterwards, the first year students were individually called up on the stage, where the nameplates were handed over by the Dean, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Joanne M. De Ramos and the Associate Dean for Student and Faculty Affairs, Dr. Bernard F. Laya.

When all the students had been conferred with their nameplates and taken their pictures, the Vice Dean, Dr. Susan Nagtalon gave an inspirational talk. She advised the first years to establish good relationships with everyone in the medical community: from their own classmates and teachers to the administration and the associates in the hospital.

The Batch 2021 class president, Janelle Montano delivered the response to the event in behalf of the class. She talked about self-doubt and struggles but even as early as then she would like to express her gratitude for the parents, the administration and the organizers of the event who made the effort to inspire everyone. She said, “This ceremony reminded us to breathe and appreciate all our hard work and sacrifice for making it this far.” Her mother, Mrs. Pearlie Jane C. Montano gave the response on behalf of the parents. Besides advising the students to always strive, persevere and pray, she also reminded them that as parents, they will always be there to comfort and support them.

Before the end of the plating ceremony, nine student organizations were also officially recognized by the school administration. The presidents and select members of the following duly-recognized organizations were present for the ceremony: Agape, Athletics Guild, SLCM Chorale, St. Luke’s Dance Company, Iatros, Musician’s Circle, PMSASLCM, SAGIP-Bayan Student Group, and the newly established Molecular Medicine Society. The organization recognition is valid for one year and entails certain rights and privileges that would encourage the organizations to pursue their visions and goals for the benefit of the college.

Dr. Bernard F. Laya then delivered the closing remarks where he emphasized: “The objective is to be a doctor but it is also just as important to remember how you got there.” He conveyed his gratitude for the parents and relatives who attended the event and also to the first years, for choosing St. Luke’s College of Medicine. The event was concluded with the singing of the official college hymn by the SLCM Chorale.