13903204_816398798496420_7709380092774505466_nFirst place for Fufluns

Griglia De Notte concluded the first week of the academic year with Fufluns leading the house cup on the first house games held last Aug. 5, 2016. They were followed by Eir and Helios in second and third place.

The event is SLCM-WHQM’s annual house sorting and acquaintance activity held not only to commend the 78 freshmen who made it this academic year, but also to welcome new employees and strengthen the bond of the Lukan family.

The upper batches, in honor of the 78 freshmen, gave out free Sharpie neon highlighters for the first 78 who registered in the activity.

With dinner served, marshmallows roasted, and songs sung, the holding of the sorting ceremony followed and yielded: eleven (11) new additions to Baosheng Dadi, seven (7) for Fufluns, twelve (12) sorted into Eir, another seven (7) for Brigid, and as many as thirteen (13) in Helios.


Sing Off, the first house game, pressed the five houses to perform songs that included: “Pangako Sayo” under the Teleserye category, “Work” for incomprehensible songs, and even the opening song number of Voltes V. These, among other sing-offs, stirred the team spirit and ultimately kindled fellowship among different batchmates.

Twenty-eight freshmen still remain unsorted, but no worries 2021, Lukan play in the next games!