On July 28, 2016, Lukans welcomed the new additions to the Lukan Family: the Class of 2021. The freshmen orientation program (FOP)—entitled “Mission Report: 2021”—had a superhero theme to depict doctors as heroes who save lives every day.

Screenshot (278)Photo from the SLCM Student Council

Class 2021 is composed of 78 students, 29 of which were granted full scholarship. Most are graduates of the University of the Philippines, followed by Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University, and University of Santo Tomas. The top three undergraduate courses taken are BS Biology, BS Medical Technology, and BS Psychology.

The opening remarks were given by the Student Council President, Jon Stewart H. Dy. Mr. Dy told the freshmen that just like a hero’s life, a doctor’s journey is far from being full of success. “I also realized that failing is alright. In medical school, you, just like me and the rest of my colleagues, will have your fair share of failures. However, do not question why you failed but rather learn from it and answer to the challenge of failure so that you can succeed the next time,” Mr. Dy said. He also shared the school’s slogan for the coming academic year: “Lukan Do It.” The slogan aims to empower Lukans to be unafraid of failing and just do everything to the best of their abilities.

Screenshot (279)Photo from the SLCM Student Council

The program was followed by the campus tour wherein the freshmen were guided to different stations where they learned about tips for freshmen, the SLCM Community, and the Ins and Outs of Medical School. They also visited the stations of the different organizations in the College, namely Athletics Guild, SLCM Agape, Iatros, SLCM Chorale, SLCM Musicians’ Circle, St. Luke’s Dance Company, and Sagip Bayan – Student Group. The campus tour was followed by games for the freshmen, orientation about the SLCM Library, and stunning performances by the Performing Arts League (SLCM Chorale, SLCM Musicians’ Circle, and St. Luke’s Dance Company).

On Friday, July 29, the FOP continued in order to give the freshmen the chance to know each other better, with the Class of 2020 facilitating the activities. Class 2021 played games called “Amoeba Evolution Game”, “Haha Game”, “Speed Dating”, and “Lukan for the Spy and Doctor-Hero”. In the afternoon, the freshmen were oriented to the trans system. The FOP ended with the nomination of batch officers and selection of the SLCM Christmas Party Head.

Screenshot (280)Speed Dating. Photo from the SLCM Student Council