The St. Luke’s College of Medicine welcomed new administrators, new students and new school policies this SY 2016-2017 during the Opening Ceremonies on August 1, 2016 at the Angelo King Auditorium.

Dean Brigido Carandang welcomed the freshmen exclaiming that “this is an exciting school.” He emphasized, in the President’s Address, the goal of having a strong research culture and the value of joy in learning. After which, Dr. Malaya Santos presented the Board of Trustees, Administration, Officials and Faculty Members while Dr. Mark Pierre Dimamay presented the Molecular Medicine scholars for the school year. The newly-appointed Vice Dean Dr. Susan Nagtalon then presented the first year scholars.

13662102_814502875352679_1539937461343159676_oVice Dean Susan Nagtalon

This school year, SLCM has a total of 139 scholars. The first year level has 29 academic scholars, 24 of which are Cum Laudes, 4 of which are Magna Cum Laudes and 1 of which is Summa Cum Laude. The second year level has 36 academic scholars plus 4 foundation scholars. The third year level has 47 academic scholars plus 5 foundation scholars while the fourth year level has 18 scholars.

After the presentation of scholars, Dr. Joanne Sebastiana De Ramos presented the Dean’s List and Top Students of each batch. Dean Carandang with the Board of Trustees then recognized and awarded a total scholarship (until the student graduates) plus Php 30,000.00 each to certain outstanding students in the school. R-Jay Agbon and Brylle Catague received the Bishop Manuel Lumpias Scholarship for Passion and Spirit. Lorenz Oliver Villegas received the Robert Kuan Scholarship for Leadership while Jon Stewart Dy received the Jose Ledesma Scholarship for Academic Excellence.

13661891_814501992019434_6513376420444091997_oTop Ten Students from Batch 2017 with the Board of Trustees

After the awarding, Dr. Joanne Sebastiana De Ramos gave some updates on Academic Affairs while Dr. Bernard Laya gave emphasis on Faculty Development in Humanities and Arts for updates on Faculty Affairs. Dr. Marissa Roxas then gave updates on PAASCU Accreditation and highlighted that the Actual Visit by PAASCU will happen on September 29-30, 2016.

Maria Nilda Muṅoz, MS of the Research Management Office announced the winners from a recent research competition. Last July 29, 2016, Carlo Francisco Calayag Castillo bagged the 1st Place in the Department of Science and Technology Philippine Council for Health Research Development National Science and Technology Week Oral Research Paper Contest – Graduate Category for his study entitled “ Phytochemical Analysis of Euphorbia hirta (Tawa-Tawa) and its inhibitory effect on TNF-α and IL-6 secretion in Dengue Virus 2 infected Human Endothelial Cells In Vitro while Jennifer L. Lucero bagged 3rd Place in the same competition with her study entitled “Bignay (Antidesma bunius Linn Spreng) and Mulberry (Morus alba L.) Fruit Extracts Prevented the Lipopolysaccharide E. coli (LPS) – Induced Acute Pulmonary Inflammation in Mice In Vivo.” Both studies were co-authored by Maria Nilda Muṅoz, MS.

After a short break, Dr. De Ramos gave curricular and academic policies updates and gave emphasis on the SLCM-WHQM Program Outcomes. Dr. Laya gave updates on student policies and student services. He said that punctuality is very important so two sign-up sheets for attendance will be given during only the first 20 minutes of a two-hour session. He also emphasized that during exams, once exam sheets are distributed and the preceptor signals start, the room doors will be closed and the latecomers will have to go to the registrar’s office and file the reason for being late. That will be the only time that the student be allowed to enter the classroom.

Also, during the Opening Ceremonies, the Student Council, headed by Jon Stewart Dy, Student Council President did their oath taking.

13920232_814501188686181_373589005737456991_oStudent Council President Jon Dy leads the newly elected student council officers in their oath-taking.

The Library was the last to give an orientation to the students. It was noted that key cards will no longer be used. Instead, biometrics or finger scan will be used to enter the library. A student asked the Library staff if the library hours could be extended past 9pm during exams, and the Library staff commented that it was done before, so the students must ask permission from the College Secretary. Dr. Malaya Santos added that the students should do a survey as to how many students would want to stay longer in the library after exams first. Another question raised was, “Is there a CCTV in the Lib?” The Library staff said that three new CCTVs will be installed in the library.

Before the morning program ended, the Student Council invited the Lukan Community to participate in the “Go Green Lukan!” advocacy. Such campaign includes Styrofoam banning, recyclables day and tumbler and reusable container selling.

In the afternoon, the students listened to lectures on fire prevention, earthquake safety, chemical spills, disaster preparedness, evacuation, etc. facilitated by Engr. Ricardo B. Bote, Engr. Ericson Valenzuela and other members of the Bio-Safety, Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Control Team (BEPADCT).