On April 21st, the culminating activity of the campaign week, “Miting de Avance,” started off with the delivery of each candidate’s speech.


Jaye Bihag, currently vying as our future auditor, is an active member of Sagip and SLCM’s Dance Company. According to her, she has always been involved in the school’s endeavours. She exemplifies leadership abilities and is also a servant of the Lukan community. She is also excellent in communication. Because she has learned from the shortcomings of the past SC, she plans to serve and address areas of improvement by efficient and effective fulfillment of the auditor’s duties. She plans to accomplish this through efficient and effective record keeping that will be reflected in periodic reports. She plans to take into account all finances with great precision and care because as she says, it’s the money of our community.

It is her personal goal to provide activities that do not give too much profit but still bring considerable income to the school. Her platforms are as follows:

(1) to sell a pocket guide to incoming second years that would be of great help and to improve the quality and content of the said pocket guide,
(2) to provide and improve accessibility of sanitary napkins, masks, gloves, tongue depressors etc.,
(3) to pilot and spearhead an online trading or online market within the Lukan community, and lastly
(4) to start a fitness programme that will involve activities such as yoga, zumba, and other fun activities that will initially be non-income generating but will be considered as income generating given that it becomes successful. After proposing all her platforms and areas of improvements, Jaye Bihay concluded her speech with saying that she will whole-heartedly take full responsibility.



Martin Magadia, aspiring for the secretariat position, shared his project and advocacy entitled “ExCEED.” The said project is divided into four parts with the first one focusing on:

(1) Excellence through the exposure of the Lukan talent. He plans to address this by making sure that the 1st SLCM PAL concert pushes through. This concert would be a benefit concert, showcasing the talents of our very own Lukan family.
(2) E-SChed which stands for Expanded Student Activity Calendar comprises the second part of the whole project which will aim to collate all proposed student activities from organizations. This will be accomplished through communication between organization secretaries and project heads. The idea is to finalize student activity schedules ahead of time and release these per block. For better dissemination, he proposes to promote this through SLCM SC page.
(3) & (4) Efficacy and Efficiency of the student council and student organizations which will be realized through holding student leader assemblies which will tackle on important agendas such as constitutional conventions. The last one which completes the ExCEED project is dedication which this candidate offers us.



Princess Camacho, Batch 2020 Vice President, proposes all that she has to offer to the Lukan community through her Project X – Xplore, Xperience, and Xtraordinary. This project aims for a better communication between different medical schools and to promote active participation in the different events organized by the APMC. It is Cess’ vision to help hone skills of fellow Lukans by encouraging active participation and by helping in different events of the APMC. She also proposes for an inter-batch debate competition to improve and strengthen relations and ties between the different batches, effectively uniting SLCM as one big family. She also hopes to enhance sponsorships and propose a new event wherein the PAL concert would be in conjunction with an alumni homecoming. Inter-batch patient interaction is another novel idea that Princess came up with. In this proposed endeavour, she hopes to push for small group discussions wherein one student from each batch would be present in a patient encounter. She believes that this will improve learning and strengthen inter-batch relations as well. Other proposed projects are SLCM medical week and Palarong Med: Suporta Atleta.



Former Internals PRO, Lorenz Villegas, commences with saying that being a leader is not all about giving good speeches but about fulfilling duties and responsibilities. He starts by sharing how he was last year’s Internals PRO and how he has developed as a student leader. He says he has seen both sides, the shortcomings as well as the strengths, of last year’s student council which is why he plans to bring improvements for the upcoming academic year.

His platforms revolve around social responsibility, information dissemination, curriculum review, environmental awareness, Lukan punctuality and meetings regarding important issues such as the tuition fee increase. For the social responsibility, he aims to make Mr. and Ms. Lukan more socially relevant. For the information dissemination, he plans to come up with an “info-blast” that would be accomplished by having centralized messages to students. All announcements would be prospectively disseminated using only one mobile number. For the curriculum review he proposes a meeting between the students and professors that will hopefully identify areas of improvements, discuss recommendations, provide solutions and pave the way for a refinement in our curriculum. Another platform of his focuses on improving and starting an initiative for greater environmental awareness which will prospectively be accomplished through banning of Styrofoam and providing colour-coded, waste-segregated garbage bins. He also included in his platforms what our very own Dean is trying to inculcate in us – the virtue of punctuality. He aims for the development of a programme that will enable reporting and recording of late professors and students to be released for evaluation. He caps off his speech by saying that there should be increased awareness for the students regarding vital matters such as the tuition fee increase which would be accomplished through holding more meetings with more student involvement.



Patricia Miranda, current Externals Vice President, opened her speech by sharing how her past experience as part of the Externals SC enabled her to organize and cater to the needs of the student body. She talked about how privileged she was to be in Externals which was, for her, one of the most challenging branches of SC. She shared how her experiences in the past events (Medical Summit, Palarong Med, IMDC, MGMR 2015) have helped her serve the student body. She shared how she was able to help the Dance Company and the SLCM Chorale and how she was able to push through successfully with “Hairography.” Patpy said she stands for what we need and she offers not only commitment and leadership but personal growth.

As for her advocacies, she aims to push for (1) online student profiles so that grades can be released with relatively more ease and privacy as well, (2) rights of the students in accordance with the Magna Carta of Philippine Medical Students (Art. 8, Sec. B) such as transparency with regards to grade computation, (3) promotion of feasible, sustainable and realistic platforms exemplifying social responsibility and utilizing these as an avenue to get to know what SLCM really stands for, (4) selective filtering and thorough assessment of past events in order to lessen the number of activities without having to sacrifice for quality (quality over quantity), (5) constitutional revisions, (6) mental health awareness and counselling and lastly, (7) organizational empowerment through intensive leadership programmes.



Jon Dy identifies himself as a prospective president that represents you, involves you and empowers you. He commences by saying that before anything else, it is structure that must be first addressed. He plans to accomplish a constitution check and proposes a drafted constitution with the improvements he wishes to bring about. He aims for transparency with regards to minutes of meetings and proposes for it to be revamped into a more readable manner. He also proposed the novel idea of having an open room student council general assembly every week that students can attend. It can be attended by any student so that the student body can engage more with the SC’s affairs. These prospective meetings may be held in different classrooms in different year levels.  He also hopes to improve information dissemination by providing a calendar of activities that will be released to the student body. Ad Hoc committees or special communities was also one of the platforms he suggested and these will be tasked for different projects such as freshman month and graduation, most of which will include a detailed project plan. He believes that better planning will really help improve participation. For instance, during the Open House 2015, a hundred did not attend despite confirming. He believes that things like these can be improved by better management of confirmation and planning. He also hopes to include student organization recognition in the constitution which will require for the list of members, proof of membership etc. He also thinks of proposing an award or appreciation to the best organization in the Lukan community.

For the curriculum check, Jon Dy believes that the students should be part of the assemblies. As he says, “this is for the students, by the students, and to the students.” His last platforms are (1) the grievances and solutions systems which would involve the officers of each class to help address problems, (2) coalition of organization representatives, (3) improved house system through self-sustenance and improved scheduling to accommodate the schedule of clerks and interns and (4) develop an ARAS alumni representation. He believes that all of these aspirations will help us get accessible and quality medical education.

/ END /