This is a working transcript of the events that transpired during the Q&A of last night’s Miting de Avance. This is posted with minimal editing.


(1) General question: Aside from academics what other factors do you think hindered other students in school from running?

Jaye: Taking into account that I was also asked to run last year, my personal reason was I had personal goals for myself. I don’t think all of us got to med school just cause they applied. Most of us dream of going to med, so they choose to focus on their personal goals, and that’s probably why they didn’t run.

Martin: Some of my batch mates only became aware of the positions this elections, so there were a lot of questions. For me maybe the fire [of the SC] wasn’t sustained. Great start, but by the end of the year not much attended the year end event. I think the main cause of that was there was no sustenance. Maybe next year, we can make ourselves more visible.

Princess: I was doubtful of the job and responsibilities, and I think that’s the common problem. Can we get the job done? A lot of people kasi can think na di mo kaya that’s why kaunti lang nagrun.

Lorenz: I disagree with Martin. We tried to reach out to the students. We talked in front of first years and second years. We told them they could approach us. There were some students who did, and we succeeded in persuading them to run. So I don’t think that not knowing is a reason. Especially since we have a constitution that dictates what a position does. One of the reasons I think is the fear of failure. It’s still one of my fears, and I think it’s a reason enough for me sa mga hindi nag run. Also we have a small population, so there’s less probability that people want to run just based on statistics.

Patpy: I think the SC has done our job naman that we have introduced ourselves and I think well aware naman and people about the positions we hold. I think it’s the timeframe of the school year. Number one if you think of the incumbent, parang matagal na sila in position. For those coming in, the training period for them is short so that’s why a few people have doubted to run.

Jon: I agree with what Patpy said… It’s not a question of whether they know. It’s now up to the students. We can only give so much. There is no machinery to mentally train and prepare students for what’s ahead. I believe a party system can train a student for what they will be training for, what the campaign period will be like… A lot of students are always eager, but the machinery is not there. So next year for a long term solution, I’d propose a party to orient them properly and to train them properly at least to provide an avenue to inform them on what’s ahead

(2) Question for the presidential candidates: Are there any plans about promotion of health insurance (HI) for SLCM students?

Jon: There is an existing fee in our tuition fee for health insurance. Regarding the promulgation of HI, I think we have to make them aware that there is 10 k for accidental insurance. So first we have to make them aware of the existing HI.

Patpy: May healthcare insurance for accidental. But I’m curious about what type of HI they’re referring to. There’s a provision that says if you incur about 150k, you get to reimburse 10-15%, so it’s not just restricted to accidents, it also covers sickness.

Lorenz: (Answering as IPRO) HI is also for death and accidents. Accounting will give us a document explaining conditions which let us avail of insurance. Once we received the document, we’ll disseminate it.

(3) James Ayuson’s follow-up question: Na-injure ako sa palarong med, and asked the school for it. But the HI doesn’t seem to be implemented, so how do you ensure that students will be able to access it?

Patpy: As president, we have to see it through that they actually implement it. And besides that we should have transparency with that. Have the admin actually release the provisions to the student body so we’re familiar with that. I think the SC not just the President can do that, I think we can ask for that as student leaders

Jon: I think it should be a main important part of  the program to mention the particulars of the tuition fee at the start of the year. There were a lot of particulars that surprised me in the tuition fee meeting. And how the coverage is accessible

(4) Question addressed to Lorenz: You had a grievance proposal last year, but I didn’t see that materialised. What will change next year?

Lorenz: I made an effort to set it up. I talked to Dr. Maya and Dr. Laya I even made a protocol. But they didn’t agree with the student council mediating issues between student and admin. They don’t think it’s the SC’s responsibility and we are not trained. It was also on my part that it was not materialised, but we had a talk and they said we should just focus on students rights. What will change? Improved communication between the council and student body. I think first we should have clear communication between student body and the student council

(5) Question addressed to Princess: One of your roles as EVP is to represent SLCM outside. What is your take on the Lukan brand?

Princess: I think the St Luke’s brand is dedication to whatever we are going to take on. Competence and genuine care to make these projects work. It’ll only be feasible if we really attend meetings, and participate, and bring back what we learn to St Luke’s.

(6) Question for Martin: Being the sole runner of Secretary, why should we not vote for you/why would people abstain?

Martin: If you don’t want a competent person to fill in as secretary, if you want the council to be in disorder because there is no coordinator for them, then you should abstain.

(7) General question from Cheska Malubay: PAASCU accreditation is next year, but I have yet to hear anything from any of your platforms about it. If we want our diplomas to mean anything, it’s something we should strive for, so I’d like to know what you plan to do about it?

Lorenz: Though our platforms didn’t specifically indicate it, I think it’s implied by our new projects. As a student if interviewed by the accreditors, I’d say the students aren’t being able to evaluate properly. I think the curriculum review isn’t just for PAASCU it’s cause we need it. PAASCU is just an additional. I think our ideas is for the school developing in general. The accreditation is just a plus for me. Di ko talaga naisip yung PAASCU. I was just thinking of new things for the school to develop in general.

Patpy: One of the things they always notice is student orgs that’s why that was what I proposed in my platform ’cause they have to see the accountability of the structure of the org itself. Hassle siya since there’s so much included in there. I took into account the accreditation because it builds responsibility within the orgs and with the student leaders themselves. It gives them an outlet to evaluate their plans for the previous year whether they were effective or not

Jon: Similar to how our current admin has working committees, I think we can delegate a committee not just in the SC but even with student orgs cause as we know extracurriculars are just as important as the students being part of it. We should delegate a working committee or an ad hoc committee to make streamline requirements for the accreditation

Martin: Student assembly will be an avenue to convene and discuss important issues in the college. So we’d discuss it in order to prepare the student orgs for the PAASCU accreditation next year

Cheska: I wanted to bring that up because this is a school effort. Not just the SC.

(8) Question from Yel Cordova: For Patpy, I saw in your platform that one of your projects is to create an online student profile. Couple of concerns. I don’t know if you guys are aware, admin when I was in first year, they invited students to do something for the school over the summer. I volunteered cause I wanted to help the school and I proposed creating the online student profile. She told me that they tried it before but there were many problems apparently. They lacked the servers, students would hack the websites and change their grades (galing) and last it’s not a project that can be handled by students. The question is how do you address those things,

Patpy: I asked them if it would be possible. They are also rebuilding the IT dept. They are undergoing the beta testing now but it’s still a process. The role of the SC is to see it through. On certain issues, minsan nakakalimutan ng admin cause students don’t remind the admins what the role of the student council here is to repeat the concerns. I believe they’re strengthening the IT department so that hacking won’t be an issue in the future. What I feel like is it’s positive for the admin. I agree, it’s not a project that can be headed by the students but it can be strengthened by the students.