Jaye Bihag

Position: Auditor

Name: Jayeanne M. Bihag

Nickname: “Jaye”


Educational Background:

Elementary: La Immaculada Concepcion School

High School: Pateros Catholic School – Valedictorian

College: University of the Philippines – Baguio – Best Thesis Presentor, 2nd Best Thesis Poster


Extracurricular Activities, Organizations and Interests


Badminton – Varsity (2005-2006)

High School

PCS Choir – 2nd yr Representative (2007-2008)

“Ako Mismo” Club – President (2009-2010)

PCSCATU Class Staff (Class S4) (2008-2009)

PCSCATU  Corps Staff (Corps G4) (2009-2010)


UNITE UP Political Organization – Member (2010-2014)

UPB Cheersquad – Co-Captain (2011-2012), Captain (2012-2013)

ASTRVM SCIENTIS SORORITY – Amanuensis (Secretary) (2011-2012), Altiora (Recruitment Officer) (2012-2013)

Restoration Ecology Society of the Philippines – Saving the Cordilleras Ecosystem Network, Inc.  (RESPhil – SCENe) – Member (2014-present)

RESPhil – SCENe 3rd National Conference – Best Presentor (May 2014)

Post Grad

SAGIP Bayan – Member (2014-present)

SLCM Outreach Committee – Member (2014-present)


Interest: Dance, Arts & Craft, travel & adventures


  1. Describe how you can perform the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

Since high school, I have always been an active member of the student body. I’ve had experience with leading organizations and spearheading events (refer below). In every task that I take on, I always try and aspire for the best; I do not do anything half-heartedly.

I believe that these experiences have prepared me enough to be an excellent leader, and to be a good servant of the Lukan community, through the Student Council. I can learn from the strengths and shortcomings of the past administration and incorporate them into how I would serve the Lukan community as your Auditor.

I am aspiring to be the Council’s next auditor because I see it as a challenge not only to improve myself, but also to show what I can do to account every peso that we contribute to every event and activity. I am qualified to be your Auditor because I am excellent in communicating and we know that proper communication and endorsement are crucial in ensuring efficient and effective record keeping that would eventually be reflected in periodic financial reports. I can assure the Lukan community that I will pursue the duties of an Auditor with the same passion that I put in every task appointed to me. I will efficiently take into account all the funds gathered from income generating programs, collected from the students and donated by the administration as precisely as I can because certainly these are not the council’s money, but ‘the student’s money, our money.


  1. Give projects that you would like to implement during your term.

Aside from performing the principal duties and responsibilities of an Auditor (auditing, recording transactions and safekeeping of reports), I would like to propose a couple of activities that will not only help the student council gain profit for funding of events but most importantly will also benefit the student body.

*Improved! History and Physical Exam Pocket Guide. As medical students, some of us appreciated the pocket guide previously sold especially during the first few patient encounters that we had. One of my projects will include the improvement of this pocket guide in terms of quality and content and sell these in the next academic year, especially the incoming second years.

SC Retail Store. In order to address the needs of the Lukan community to have immediate access to commodities that might be needed for personal hygiene (i.e.sanitay napkin, wet wipes, etc.), physical examination needs (i.e. batteries for penlight, masks, gloves, tongue depressors, etc.) and emergency needs (i.e. safety pins). It will not be handled by any students because we leave the honesty and responsibility to the Lukan community; however, the student council will provide the products to be sold.

Online trading. To offer the students the opportunity to sell/ resell/ buy goods by providing an online market with the Lukan community. This will be a commission basis where 85% will go to the seller and 15% will go to the student council.

Fitness initiative. To promote physical activity in our very hectic and sedentary life, I will propose a fitness program that will include aerobics and Zumba classes that will be open to the whole St. Luke’s community, including the students, employees, and doctors. Initially, this will be a non-income generating project, but once the receive a positive feedback and evaluation, we will then make this an IGP to help the council generate funds to finance various activities of the students.

Furthermore, I would also like to continue and improve some of the projects initiated by the past administrations, namely: a) Uniform Project b) Books Sale (first-hand & second-hand) c) Team Lukan Merchandise. All these projects will be improved by developing a more efficient reservation and payment system.