Patpy Miranda


Position: President

Name: Patricia Abigail B. Miranda

Nickname: “Patpy”


Educational Attainment

Elementary: Rich Golden Shower Montessori – Academic Excellence Awardee

High School: La Salle College – Antipolo – 2nd Honors, and 3rd Honors

College: University of Santo Tomas – College of Science


Extra-curricular Activities, Organizations and Interests

High School

Class President (2009-2010)

Lingua Franca Club President (2009-2010)


COMELEC College of Science – Deputy (2010-2011)

UST Microbiology Society
Committee Head on Ways and Means (2011-2012)
Secretary (2012-2013)

College of Science
Outreach Committee Representative of the Student Organizations (2013-2014)

College of Science Student Council
Representative to the Student Organizations Coordinating Council (2013-2014)
Activities Coordinating Board Head

Microbiology Dance Troupe (2010-2014)
Philippine Society for Microbiology – Member (2012-2014)

Post Grad
SLCM Student Council
External P.R.O (2015-2016)
External Vice President (2016-present)


Interest: Music, Photography, Harry Potter Series, Marvel Cinematic Universe


  1. Describe how you can perform the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

My experience over the years as a student leader, in various institutions, organizations and positions, has exposed me to a number of situational events in which leadership has been tested and challenged. In these events, I have learned a number of attributes and values that are important to develop in becoming a good student leader. I believe that these learnings can help me perform the duties and responsibilities, well and wisely, of a Student Council President. Moreover, I also believe that my external connections to various institutions can also help, in terms of extending help to the executive and the administrative duties of a President. In event execution, whether internally or externally, resources could always be explored in these connections in terms of logistical factors of events and sponsorships needed in events. Essentially, I think that prioritization will be the key in performing the various duties and responsibilities of a President. Events and issues should be handled based on the needs of the beneficiaries and what needs immediate action. Finally, besides the given constitutional duties and responsibilities of a student leader in general, I believe that the responsibility of being the cohesive factor in an organization, most especially for the President, is a drive to perform well in all aspects of being a student leader. 


  1. Give projects that you would like to implement during your term. 

Primary Advocacies for the School Year

  1. Reaching out to the Administration for Online Student Profiles where Grades can be seen
  2. Promoting and Emphasizing the Rights of Medical Students

Advocacy for Each School Year. An advocacy for each year will be the ‘theme’ of each school year in which the projects that will be implemented are encouraged to be centered on. It does not necessarily have to be concerned with the health sector or medical field. More importantly, the advocacies that will be chosen must be sustainable. I believe that this can help improve the social awareness of the Lukan Community on certain topics or issues, and it can improve the social responsibility of the community as well. Moreover, this project can continue the holistic growth of the Lukan Community.

Implementation of Quality over Quantity Projects. Not a project per se but more of a selective way to choose the projects that will be implemented the following school year. Project implementation should always consider the holistic growth of not only the beneficiaries but also the student leaders that implement them. I believe that filtering of projects based on factors that affect the student body, feasibility, sustainability, resources, student leader capabilities and many more, should be properly considered in project implementation.

Constitution Revision. I believe that the constitution is the backbone of any organization and is the basis for its proceedings. I believe that, in order to keep up with the changes in our institution, our constitution has to be updated. Primarily, the priority in this revision would be delineating the tasks of each appointed position, if necessary, add more tasks and more committees to improve and maximize the function of the student council.

Mental Health Counseling and Awareness of Medical Students. There is still some sort of stigma or taboo even among Medical Students and in the Medical Field. We have been taught of the definition of Health and it includes mental and psychological health. According to studies, Medical Students have higher stress levels as compared to the general population. I would like to address to this issue because I believe that this can affect our studies as well as our personal development. This will be in partnership with the Administration as well as the Department of Behavioral Sciences.

Organization Empowerment. To be able to train current and future student leaders for improvement of organizational functions of our student organizations. It is not only centered on student organizations, but also to student leaders in each batch. I believe that in developing their leadership skills, they will be able to pass on their knowledge and continue improving leadership in our community. I plan to achieve this through intensive leadership training programs and creating avenues for partnerships with other organizations, in or out of the school, for the organizations in the school. This can address the shortcomings on student representation, transparency.