Position: Secretary

Name: Martin C. Magadia


Educational Background:

Elementary: Ste. Anne De Beaupré School – First Honorable Mention

High School: University of Sto. Tomas High School

College: University of Sto. Tomas – Registered Pharmacist (July 2015)


Extracurricular Activities, Organizations and Interests

High School

USTHS Music Ensemble

Secretary (2008-2009)

External Vice President (2009-2010)

Class President, IV-St.Claire (2000-2010)

P.R.O. Internals, Peer Faci Club (2010-2011)


Faculty of Pharmacology Student Council

Grievance and Student Welfare Committee Head (2014-2015)

Execute Assistant to the Vice President (2012-2013)

Designs Committee Staff (2011-2014)

UST Pharmacy Glee Club

Externals Vice President (2013-2014)

Secretary (2012-2013)

Member (2011-2014)

Post Grad

Biochemistry Trans Subhead (2015- March 2016)

Neuroanatomy Trans Subhead (March 2016-present)


Interest: Performing arts, debates, music, anime, Asian culture


  1. Describe how you can perform the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

A secretary’s duty is to plan, organize, and coordinate various events of the student council. As your secretary, I will surely bring you service that exceeds expectations, because more than my C.V., service is engrained in my DNA, fortified by my experience and former mentors throughout my life as a student. Limitations are what define a research study, its scope, but for me, limitiations define the places where I must go beyond and bridge gaps in the studentry.

  1. Give projects that you would like to implement during your term.


Excellence through exporting the Lukan talent

  • First PAL benefit concert

Coordination of Student Activities

  • E-Sched: Expanded Student Activity Calendar

Efficacy and Efficiency ensured

  • Student Leaders Assembly

Dedication: the name of my service