Lorenz Villegas

Position: Internals Vice President

Name: Lorenz Oliver C. Villegas

Nickname: “Lorenz”


Educational Background:

Elementary: Capt. H. Francisco Elementary School – First Honorable Mention

High School: Pateros Catholic School

College: University of Sto. Tomas – Cum Laude; Most Outstanding Intern, AFP Medical Center


Extracurricular Activities, Organizations and Interests

High School

CAT Officer (Corps G1) (2009-2010)


Externals PRO – Organization of Medical Technology Interns (2013-2014)

Vice-president of Interns – AFP Medical Center (2013-2014)

Co-head, Tarlac fecalysis and Deworming Program (2014)

Post Grad

Internals PRO – Student Council (2015-2016)


Interest: Music, TV series, movies, world history


  1. Describe how you can perform the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

Having been exposed to the different activities of the student council, especially of the internals committee, I am confident that I can perform the duties and responsibilities of the Internals Vice-president well. I will perform my responsibilities by applying all of the lessons that I’ve learned being the Internals PRO for the past school year. I will also consult with my fellow students regarding their ideas on the different issues of the student body as well as with the administration by having more frequent communication with the Dean and the Associate Deans.

It will be my mission for the next school year to improve communication between the student council and the student body.


  1. Give projects that you would like to implement during your term.

Social responsibility. Social responsibility should be incorporated in the next Mr. and Ms. Lukan. The event shall promote a theme that will advocate for a specific issue (ex. global warming, HIV/AIDS awareness). The house system shall also retain projects that are in cooperation with the Outreach Committee to encourage students join different outreach activities while also promoting the house system established by the student council.

Infoblast. In order to ensure announcements both from the student council and from the administration, information dissemination should be done directly from the student council coming only from one mobile number. This is to provide accurate and timely information to the student body especially important emergency announcements from the administration.

Curriculum Review. A curriculum review shall be done every semester wherein student representatives from each batch and lecturers from the different departments shall have a meeting together in order to address the needs of the students regarding the different subjects as well as their comments, suggestions, and evaluation of the subjects.

Environmental Initiative. A school policy banning the use of styrofoam products shall be pushed through by the next student council as part of the responsibility of the school towards the environment. Garbage bins separating recyclable and non-recyclable wastes shall also be requested by the student council for the next school year.

Lukan Punctuality. A program to develop punctuality shall be developed in order to promote the mission of the school of producing punctual Lukan doctors. First, all clocks within the school shall be synced. Second, a system to record the percentages of on-time, late, and absent students, employees, and professors shall be executed and a system of rewards shall be given to the departments and batches shall be given every semester if there’s evidence of significant improvement with regards to punctuality.

Improved Communication between the Student Council and the Student Body. Platforms and projects proposed by the student council officers shall be evaluated by submitting development reports regarding the different long-term projects and shall be made available to the whole student body. In order to promote communication between the student council officers and the student body, every block, meetings with the different representatives from students of the different batches shall be done in order to address the concerns and questions regarding different issues.

Tuition Fee Increase Awareness among Students. First, two formal meetings between the students and the administration shall be requested regarding the tuition fee increase. Second, information (including the breakdown of the tuition fee) regarding the annual tuition fee increase shall be made available to the students at least one month before the first formal meeting between the student representatives and the administration. This is to give due time in order to discuss this among students of different batches and to bring up their concerns, comments, and suggestions. Lastly, the second formal meeting shall be done one week after the first formal meeting wherein the student representatives will give their formal recommendation. This will be requested in order to promote the awareness of the students regarding important issues of the school. Minutes of the meeting of both formal meetings shall be taken and be made available to the whole student body.