Jon Dy

Position: President

Name: Jon Stewart Hao Dy

Nickname: “Jon”


Educational Background:

Elementary: St. Jude Catholic School (SJCS) – Honor Student

High School: St. Jude Catholic School (SJCS) – Most Outstanding Organization Officer

College: University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD) – College Scholar; Leadership Award


Extracurricular Activities, Organizations and Interests

High School

2010, SJCS Science Club President

2010, Filipino Chinese Catholic Youth Member

2010, Knights of the Altar Society Member

2009, SJCS Science Club Public Relations Officer

2009, SJCS Out-of-School Youth Alternative Learning Education Co-Organizer

2008, SJCS Science Club 2nd Year Batch Representative

Activities Headed/Co-Headed:

2010, UPD KEM-SJCS Chemistry Camp Project Organizer

2009, Sci-Noy Big Brother, Inter-high school Quiz Competition

2009/2008, Sagip Dunong Lecture Series, Out-of-School Youth Alternative Learning System


2014, UP Diliman College of Science Student Council Chairperson

2014, Manila Consortium (Coalition of NCR College of Science Student Councils) Co-Founding Member

2014, UP Diliman College of Science Student Council Externals Committee Head

2014, UP Diliman College of Science Student Electoral Board Member

2014, UP Diliman MATTER (Matatag. Aktibo. Tunay. Tumutugon. Epektibo. Responsable) Coalition Chairperson, Training and Recruiting Officer

2014, UP Diliman College of Science AGHAM (Graduation Committee) Managing Editor

2014, UP Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society Member

2014, UPD College of Science College Investigative Committee (University Code Violations) Member

2013, UP Diliman College of Science Student Council Vice-Chairperson

2013, UP Diliman College of Science Student Council Internals Committee Head

2013, UP Diliman College of Science Council of Organization Leaders Head

2013, UP Diliman College of Science Student Council Voluntary Corporates (Volcorps) Head

2013, UP Diliman Golf Inc. Member

2012, UP Diliman College of Science Student Council Institute of Biology Assistant Representative

2012, UP Diliman Children’s Rights Advocates League Inductee

2011, UP Diliman FeelGood Youth 2011, UP Diliman Agham Youth Member

2011, UP Diliman College of Science Voluntary Corporates (Volcorps) Member

2011, UP Diliman Pre-Medical Honor Society Member

2011, UP Diliman Pre-Medical Honor Society Applicant’s Batch Head

2011, UP Diliman Pre-Medical Honor Society Applicant’s Institute of Biology Representative

Activities/Advocacies Headed/Co-Headed:

2014, UPD College of Science Week (Photoessay Contest/Exhibit, Inter-High School Quiz Competition, Interactive Science Learning Seminar, Mural Painting, College Idol, Children’s Interactive Science Workshop, Fun Run) Overall Head and Marketing Co-Head

2013, Climate Justice Now

2013, Stop Corruption, Abolish Pork Barrel, G.I.S.T. (Greater Investment for Science and Technology)

2013, UPD College of Science Typhoon Yolanda Relief Operations

2012, UPD Annual Christmas Lantern Making Competition

2012, UPD College of Science Graduation Program Logistics Head

2011, UPD College of Science Christmas Carolfest Singing Competition

2011, UPD College of Science Kasciyahan Sportsfest Marketing Co-Head

2010, UPD Pre-Medical Honor Society 55th Alumni Homecoming Logistics Co-Head

Post Grad

2016, SLCM IATROS Finance Committee Member

2016, SLCM Student Council Finance Committee Member

2015, UP Diliman Pre-Medical Honor Society Speaker on Leadership

2015, SLCM Open House Overall Co-Head and Finance Officer-in-Charge

2015, Published  2014, SLCM Christmas Party Overall Head

2014, UP National College of Public Administration and Governance Initiative for Genuine Development, Transparency and Empowerment (IGNITE) Speaker on Project Management and Development


Interest: Golf, Swimming, Badminton, Making Quotes, Work


  1. Describe how you can perform the duties and responsibilities of the position you are applying for.

We can perform the duties and responsibilities as SLCM Student Council President with three objectives in mind: student representation, student involvement and student empowerment. As the chief executive officer of the student council, we can maximize the potential of our College in empowering, involving and most importantly, representing the students.

Student representation is the most important role of the student council, and the president should be at the forefront of this role. This includes first laying the foundation for a student council that is organized, collaborative, transparent and accountable to its constituents and being consistent and firm in the decisions of the student council, decisions that have been made based on proper student consultation and discussion within the members of the student council.

Student involvement can be done by first and foremost informing the students, followed by encouraging and motivating them, and eventually involving them in all activities being undertaken in the College.

Student empowerment can be done by enjoining all students in the College, despite differences in principles, beliefs, background and perspectives towards achieving the goal of making our College diverse yet unified, competitive yet supportive and excellent yet honorable.


  1. Give projects that you would like to implement during your term.

General Plan of Action/Platform of Action for President

“We are SLCM: We are Students. We are Leaders. We are a Community. We are Medical Doctors.”

We are first and foremost students of medicine, aiming to learn and become the best. We are leaders, game changers that can be trailblazers to inspire the future generations. We are connected as one community, one proud and strong SLCM community. We are medical doctors, both clinically competent and socially relevant.

We are Leaders: Well-Organized, Inclusive and Relevant

Constitution Check (Constitution Review). The constitution is the foundation of how the student council should function according to its approved by-laws and amendments. We propose to make a comprehensive review of the constitution, decide on necessary revisions and make amendments as deemed necessary and implement it for the upcoming academic year.

TASC Force (Transparency, Accountability, Student Consultation). These are the core values that make a student council maximally efficient. Transparency is by the prompt release of minutes of the general assemblies and any decision agreed upon relevant to the student body. Accountability is by the provision and release of financial statements and reports of all transactions and negotiations made by the student council. Student consultation is by holding regular (pre-semesteral and mid-semestral) batch-by-batch consultation to provide an avenue for informing and addressing the student body regarding the student council and student-related concerns.

Open House (Open-Door General Assemblies). Make your voice heard! We propose to release a schedule of the open-door general assemblies in strategic points of the academic year open for attendance to all within the College provided that those who will be in attendance will be given enough time to engage in open forum after the general assembly proper. Those who attend the general assemblies are automatically given an invitation to be part of the Ad Hoc Committees.

IDS (Information Dissemination System). Everyone has a right to information. We propose to utilize online avenues for an organized system of information dissemination. This includes the use of e-mail, facebook, twitter, bulletin board and SMS/text messaging system. A calendar of activities will also be provided to the students and administration before the start of the academic year.

Ultimatum (Year-End Report). We propose to provide the students and the administration a comprehensive year-end report by the end of the second semester of the upcoming academic year. The year-end report will include documentation regarding all activities undertaken by the student council.

In Toto (Commitment). All for ONE, ONE SLCM. This is a personal guarantee of 100% commitment to the accomplishment of the function and roles of the student council, which is to represent the students, maximize student participation and involvement, and foster a professional working relationship with the administration.

We are Students: Independent, Competent and Excellent

Ad Hoc Committees. Ad Hoc Committees are transient and special committees formed to serve and accomplish a specific goal. We propose the creation of ad hoc committees for each activity of the council, open to all students who desire to be involved in its planning, implementation and execution. These committees will serve as an avenue for student inclusion, involvement and participation. Ad Hoc Committees automatically dissolve after completion/accomplishment of its goal.

RecORGnize. Everyone has a right to organize. We propose to establish and strengthen the rights and rules regarding organization recognition. This shall include the rules and regulations regarding organization recognition, introduction of criteria for “Best College Organization”, and consultations with the administration regarding the requirements for official student organization recognition. We also propose to release a consolidated calendar of the activities of the organizations, provided that all organizations have provided a list of their events for the academic year/semester.

Curriculum Check. Constant evaluation is key. We propose for student representation during the faculty assemblies on curriculum reviews. The role of student representation shall be to actively address academic concerns regarding the current curriculum, to propose solutions and to be hand-in-hand with the school administration for improvement and continuous imporvement of the school curriculum.

For the students, To the students, By the students. The traditional school activities such as the Freshman Orientation Program, Open House, Mr. and Ms. Lukan shall be properly evaluated for improvement in planning, implementation and execution of the said activities. The implementation of the said activities shall be made accessible to student volunteers through the Ad Hoc Committees.

Lukan Do It! (Grievances and Solutions System). Communication is most vital. We propose that the student council be at the forefront to address all concerns by the students. This, in addition to the student consultations, shall be a concerted effort by the student council and batch officers to effectively address all impending concerns for immediate resolution.

We are a Community: Proud and Strong

BSR (Batch Student Representation). All for one. One for all. We propose that regular assemblies be made with the batch officers to properly address impending concerns and issues that the student council can help in providing solutions towards resolution. This is in conjunction with the Grievances and Solutions System with the goal to properly represent and address concerns and issues of all students within the College.

CORe (Coalition of Organization Representatives). Collaboration is vital. We propose the creation of a core of organization representatives or the organization’s internals affairs officer that shall serve as the official representatives of the organizations to the student council. This group shall function to facilitate better communication and discussion between organizations and create avenues for organization partnerships that shall be under the tutelage of the Student Council President and Internals Vice President.

House System. Home is where the heart is. We propose that the house system be officially recognized as extensions of the student council with the creation of a constitution that includes introduction of its function and roles, appointment/election of house heads and orientation of new and old members about house goals and objectives.

CIFAST. There is strength in numbers. This shall be a concerted effort to inform, encourage and involve all members of the College regarding all activities, initiatives and advocacies being undertaken by the student body and student council.  This shall also serve as the avenue for proper collaboration, discussion and mediation between the administration and students.

A.R.A.S. (Alumni Representation in the Alumni Association). Never forget your roots. We propose the inclusion of the President, Externals and Internals Vice President as official representatives to the newly founded SLCM Alumni Association in an effort to inform, encourage involve alumni with the current affairs and activities being undertaken by the College.

We are Medical Doctors: Principled, Skilled, Open-Minded

Access Medisina (Accessible and Quality Medical Education). Education is the key to a better future. St. Luke’s College of Medicine is an established institution that is recognized to be one of the top medical schools in the country. The scholarship program is the most generous and is unrivalled among all medical schools in the country. We propose to advocate all-year round for the accessible and quality medical education that the College offers. This advocacy shall serve to permanently recognize and distinguish us from all other institutions in the country as a trailblazer for not only quality but also accessible and affordable medical education.

Medico-LEGAL. No one is above the law. We propose to hold discussions and release of infographics within the student body regarding medically-related policies, issues and government programs that are currently being proposed or implemented. This shall serve to increase overall awareness of the student body regarding the health systems policy of the country.

Medico-REAL. In line with holding discussions to increase the awareness of the general student population regarding medically-related issues and policies, we, in collaboration with the College and Medical Center, propose to uphold an advocacy (i.e. Universal Screening, Vaccinations) and propose possible public policies and legislations that we can commit to and forward for the benefit of the general public that our institution serves.