13015365_764713066998327_6383537370617717335_nMeet the Candidates: Martin Magadia
Interview by: Samantha Buenaobra

Before running for the position of secretary, did you have any apprehensions? If so, in what ways were/are you able to address them?

“I did have apprehensions, of course, because I’m still a medical student. Siyempre, napaisip ako kung kaya ko ba ‘to or what pero hindi ko kayang pigilin sarili ko from serving people. Parang bine-betray ko yung sarili ko kung di ako magseserve. I reflected about running. Di pa ako sure noong una but at that time gusto ko na talaga. In terms of exams, feeling ko kaya ko naman and I have previous experience during my undergrad.”

Can you explain a little more about the concrete projects that you have in mind?

“My project entitled “Exceed” aims for the consolidation of smaller efforts for a better SLCM. One of the things I hope to accomplish is the SLCM PAL benefit concert for Lukan Beyond. From what I noticed, the problem kasi is that it was very short-noticed. If given the chance, I would like to spearhead the logistics. Okay yung performance eh kaso kulang talaga sa logistics. Early on, I hope to start on it para minor na lang yung problems after. One more thing, I want to coordinate with the different organizations so that overlapping activities can be avoided. Ang nangyayari kasi ‘pag sabay-sabay yung events, ‘di nakaka-attend ng practices yung iba. So what I want is a centralized schedule accomplished through coordination with all the organizations. This will also encourage the organizations to push through with the projects or events that they have in mind because the projects will already be announced early on. Actually, the former secretary already did something like this but the schedule was posted on the 11th floor that’s why ‘di nakikita ng ibang mga tao. My plan is to utilize social media instead so that the information is disseminated well in different pages and groups. We need to put time into things. My plan is that every block, the schedule will be provided to the class officers. I also envision a student leader assembly that will hopefully bring us closer through collaboration between organizations, where presidents will represent each of their respective classes.”

Of all the positions, why did you specifically choose this position? How are you tailored for this job? 

“As a person, I really have the inclination to organize. I want things to be set on the right time. All of my former positions were all secretariat, from high school to college. The secretary has a vital role of keeping everything intact. He/she is in charge of disseminating information from the president.  The secretary must therefore be efficient. In my case, I want to be a middleman and coordinator.”

What areas of improvement can you think of for the SC? How do you envision the actualization of these areas?

“The promotion of events is one area of improvement that I noticed. Announcement of events are short noticed which is why there’s usually less or no hype. This in turn, leads to little participation. Improving the promotions will help keep interest of people which will also improve participation.”

Do you have any roles in your class for the upcoming academic year? How do you plan to manage your time with academics, this position, and being part of the SC as well?

“I will be a Pharmacology subhead next academic year. For me, addressing this will be through true time management. The key is to do things right now and to avoid procrastination. I intend to use all my free time for productivity. I will devote myself on these tasks so I should be able to do them well.”

What learning or realization did you reap after your experience with chorale and the previous MGMR?

“Natutuhan ko yung tunay na kahulugan ng totoong dedikasyon. Hindi lang sayo ang isang goal. It is a collective effort and the morale is kept by each and every one. If one gives up, the rest of the group will be affected so you just have to give your all.”

Do you have any comments or suggestions regarding the SC’s past projects?

“I was sad about campionatto. It was supposed to be a culminating event pero konti lang nakapunta. Promotion of the event was lacking. Marami sanang pupunta kung na-sustain yung interest ng mga tao. It was supposedly the biggest event.”

What are you passionate about? What moves and drives you?

“The fact that I get to see people moves and drives me. I’m a people person. I get excited by the fact that I get to interact with the people around me. For me, interaction in itself is a blessing.”

What is your best quality that makes you fit for serving?

“I would have to say, perseverance. Hindi ako tumitigil hanggang hindi ko na-achieve yung standards na gusto ko in everything that I do. Alam ko na hindi ako on-the-go na magaling agad and I’m not disheartened if hindi ako makarating agad sa goal and standards ko. I will stop at nothing and give my best to reach my own standards for the student body.”

Share one principle that you solidly stand by.

“I stand by this short Latin phrase, lumina pandit. I’m not sure about the exact definition but it goes something like this – you do not merely shine, you illuminate. ‘Di ka dapat magaling lang. You have to help people become like you and go up ranks. Service is a passion. You do not serve the student body because you want something for your resume. You want to become someone people can rely on.”

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