Lorenz VillegasMeet the Candidates: Lorenz Villegas
Interview by: Gea Sedayao

Why did you run for the position of Internals Vice President?

“Last year, kinonvince ako ng upper years to run for PRO. Sige kasi gusto ko naman magserve and matry maging student council. This year, I planned to run for president or internals vice. Nung nalaman ko na tatakbo si Patpy and Jon Dy, parang nag-give way ako since alam kong capable sila for president and either of them gusto ko makawork sa student council. And since may experience na ako sa internals activities and like to further na pagandahin yung mga projects at may relevance siya, nag run ako. Gusto ko may platform ako na talagang may change sa school.”

Being the Internals PRO, I have the experience. I have seen how the student council works, what I can do to improve on especially sa internals committee na matters. I have been shaped by experience.

 You are a scholar and that means you have to do well in your academics. How do you plan to keep your scholarship and serve the student body in planning and implementing activities at the same time? Would you mind sharing with us your daily routine or schedule?

“Toxic din kasi siya eh. Being in the student council and maintaining scholarship—so far, nakakakeep up naman sa grades. Being in the student council, nadevelop niya ako hindi lang bilang isang leader, pati bilang student—how to manage my time well. For the next school year, I will try my best to maintain my scholarship. ‘Di ako nag-eexpect but I know I will do my best. Daily routine—dadating sa school, sa lecture nakikinig ako or nag-aaral then student council meeting (lunch time), then afternoon class again then try to do papers muna. Ang mahirap naman talaga is pag may event. You’d have to sacrifice some study time. Sa gabi, minsan kasi nag na-nap then diretso na yun. Ayun aral ako sometimes sa labas.”

 What principles or values are of utmost importance to you?

“Consistency with what you’re saying and what your actions are. Magbibigay ka ng platforms, you must always do your best para maideliver siya sa students. Gusto ko sana yung ibibigay kong plans, magawa ko siya sana lahat. Marami ka talagang makikitang pagkukulang ng student council at administration sa students so gusto ko lang magbigay ng relevant solutions sa shortcomings.”

What problems did you observe in SC this school year? How do you plan to address such problems or issues in the upcoming school year? What are your concrete plans?

Ang student council parang nagiging club. Nawawalan kami ng communication outside the student council, which is ironic na dapat we are delivering all of these for the students. We gave platforms, pero di siya nafollow-up sa students. Ginawaan ko ng paraan yung grievance pero hindi ko nasabi sa student body na hindi siya na deliver sa students na yung gusto ko gawin hindi na push through. Some issues between batches – hindi nakatulong ang student council… For example, sa Christmas party, gusto ko rin na tumulong yung other batches. Nagkulang talaga ng communication.”

Do you think you have succeeded in performing your tasks as Internals PRO this school year? You promised 3 concrete projects when you ran as Internals PRO (project for incoming first year students, house projects like sing off and more dynamic and effective grievance system) last year. Do you think you have succeeded in implementation? If yes, how did the student body react to such projects? If not, why do you think, it was not successful?

“Last year, I tried to talk to associate deans like Doctor Santos and Doctor Laya, and medyo hesitant sila sa grievance committee. It did not push through. Talks promoting student’s rights… hanggang dun lang muna…. Nakulangan ako sa change na gusto ko mangyari sa school.”

 “For the first years, I think I succeeded. I think FOP was a success since we got feedback from the students. For the House Activities, di ako naging successful dun, since mababa ang turn-out ng first years so maybe we need to think of more ways to encourage students na mag join sa different activities ng student council para mag-promote tayo ng environment na gusto ng school na well-rounded Lukan. We’re not only excellent in academics but also in other things.”

Consistency with what you’re saying and what your actions are. Magbibigay ka ng platforms, you must always do your best para maideliver siya sa students.

What are your “new” plans for the Internals team this upcoming school year? What are your platforms?

“For Mr. and Ms. Lukan – public health concern like HIV awareness na socially relevant—pwedeng gumawa ng batch effort. Some reforms for the house system. Mas pagandahin at mas maayos na protocol. Also, maintain some projects na ginagawa ng student council every year.”

Majority of medical students, prefer spending their time solely on studying. How, as internals VP, do you plan on encouraging students to participate more in extra-curricular activities but still let the students do well in their academics?

“One challenge ng current student council is academic shift. Nahirapan kaming magschedule ng activities from the start pa lang. Nahirapan kaming mag promote ng activities to encourage the students to join. Next year, we need to have more aggressive promotions regarding the different activities. I want more activities kasi na nirereach out yung other students para ma express nila yung iba nilang talents. We’ll try to think of activities or projects na hindi yung usual SC activities this school year. I want to add more socially relevant projects such as plan for Mr. and Ms. Lukan. Napansin ko yung students, mas engaged ang students pag may relevance yung ginagawa nilahindi lang yung puro play, yung may nagagawa silang change.”

What is your opinion on the tuition fee increase?

As a student council, malaking responsibility. Dapat mas naging involved talaga ang student council. Di kami nakapagbigay ng concrete recommendations, suggestions. Di namin natry pababaan. Although, may natanong kami na two topics na nagawaan ng paraan ng student council like pag refund sa students na hindi na inform… sa mga non-scholar na hindi nagpa-pavaccine sa first years lang daw… Second, yung sa insurance. Kunwari, naaksidente tayo, pwede tayong humingi ng help sa accounting office para magbigay sila ng money… Death from accident – pwede pala magbigay ang school ng pera kasi nagbabayad tayo ng insurance. Ang role kasi ng student council, babaan ang proposed na increase nila. Feeling ko accountable ako as a student leader na may nagawa akong concrete… na magbigay kami ng recommendations.”

What is your opinion about the upcoming national elections? Among the vice-presidential candidates, who can you relate with?

“For me, the current administration may have done their duties. They did not perform well or hindi best yung ginawa nila, but they did fine. For this upcoming elections, it’s really a make or break. Right now, for president, wala pa akong naiisip. I’ve been trying to keep updated. I’ve been watching the debates. Di ako nagagandahan sa mga presidential debates.”

May nagjojoke na kamukha ko si Cayetano but I think I can relate to Leni Robredo since I think she is the best candidate.”

Why is Lorenz Villegas the right choice this upcoming student council elections?

“Being the Internals PRO, I have the experience. I have seen how the student council works, what I can do to improve on especially sa internals committee na matters. I have been shaped by experience. I have good and bad experiences that made me think to change some of my ways for the better. This school year (ang) naging inspiration ko or basis ko in giving my platforms. I have been shaped by the current student council. I can foresee the changes that I need to make to better serve you guys. Lastly, I am confident and I promise that all the duties and responsibilities, as well as the platforms I gave… I will do my very best to accomplish all those. Since hindi siya para sa akin, the changes I planned should be implemented. We don’t want to make just a dent. Gusto natin malaki yung change na magawa natin na lasting na change, na talagang it will change the school. We want to change for the better… for a better school na conducive for producing well rounded Lukans as well as students na socially aware. ”

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