Meet the Candidates: Princess Camacho
Interview by: Aireen Lacap

What compelled you to run?

“My Lukan experience wouldn’t be complete if I wouldn’t give back to the school na tumanggap sa akin. Nakakatuwa yung experience na nag-serve ako sa classroom namin as vice president. If I can get the job done, why not? It’s an opportunity no one should miss. Ako yung leader na gagawa instead of bibigay lang ang duties and responsibilities. Gusto ko gagawin ko with my group.”

What do you think would be your best and exceptional contribution to the student body as an external vice president?

“It’s all about dedication and hard work. This is something I really want. This is something I want to put my energy and time to. It’s really hard. Nasa med school ka, student leader ka pa. It’s not that I’m that good sa academics, hindi ako nag-eexcel, but if I can do something I know na magaling ako, I want to do it. Ang pagiging leader, it’s something na kaya kong gawin. Pag gusto ko gawin isang bagay, gagawin ko siya with all my heart. Yun ang biggest contribution ko sa community, knowing na pag-EVP ka, ikaw ang magdadala ng Lukan brand sa other schools. Ang laki ng job mo. I want to prove that we are more than just a school after a 90 on NMAT. We are more than people who excel academically.

Optimistic ako. If one thing won’t work, maybe there’s something better. Maybe there’s something I can do to get the best for the school. I’m very optimistic. Some people get easily demotivated because of what other people say. I think, hindi ako mabilis ma-turn down. Na-cha-challenge ako. I want to prove I’m better than that.”

Was that your impression before you entered St. Luke’s?

“Oo. Yung impression ko baka puro sila acads, nerdy mga tao rito. That was why I was a bit hesitant to enter St. Luke’s. Gusto ko yung may diversity.”

Being a leader takes its toll on people. You may have to sacrifice part of your academics, especially if you are vying for scholarship. How do you plan on dealing with this?

“It’s all about time management. A year before I entered St. Luke’s, I worked as a high school teacher in Xavier School. Pagiging teacher, it’s different. It was a good training ground. It’s all about you teaching your students. It’s all about you making your schedule. You’re the game-player. Ikaw mag-aayos anong gagawin mo ngayon araw na ito. Kapag hindi mo natapos, mag-cacram nanaman sila, ma-momove ang schedule. It’s a matter of knowing my priorities, and I don’t want to waste my time. If I can get the job done now, I will do it now.”

Describe how you can perform the duties and responsibilities you are applying for.

Gumawa ng time table. It’s all about making time for things you really want. Uunahin ko pagiging student ko. Kaya student-leader ang tawag. Nauuna ang pagiging student. Hindi rin dapat nakakalimutan ang pagiging leader. If people would trust me, I don’t want to turn them down. Mag-sasacrifice talaga ako ng time, lalo na with family. I usually go home sa Bulacan every weekends. Second year, sabi nila, is a different training ground. It’s an all-new environment. Feeling ko it’s all about dedicating yourself sa pinili mong gawin. Since ginusto ko ‘to, there’s no turning back.”

Ang pagiging leader, it’s something na kaya kong gawin. Pag gusto ko gawin isang bagay, gagawin ko siya with all my heart. Yun ang biggest contribution ko sa community, knowing na pag-EVP ka, ikaw ang magdadala ng Lukan brand sa other schools.

How do you manage distractions?

“Pinipilit ko, kapag nag-aaral ako, I put my phone under my things. Wala rin akong boyfriend so hindi lang ako lumalabas masyado. Lumalabas ako kapag Friday at kapag tapos yung nasa schedule. Na-guiguilty din kasi ako kapag hindi tapos yung nasa schedule ko.”

What do you think is the most pressing problem that the student council needs to address next year?

Napansin ko ang batch namin, very passive in terms of participating in activities outside St. Luke’s. Walang transpo, malayo. Ayaw ko na pumunta kasi kailangan mag-aral. I think it’s more of encouragement. Kunwari, sa MGMR, minsan mo lang susuportahan ang classmates mo. Why not go? Yung iba hesitant din sila gumastos. Bibili nalang ng coffee at mag-aaral. Sana mas marami pang funds, hindi lang para sa participants, kundi para rin sa supporters. Kailangan natin sila hilahin, i-encourage. We have to boost encouragement. We’re a family. Why not support our family members?

For funds, we’ve known some people outside school who are willing to support. We have to make a contract, make a proposal. Pansin namin, sa Palarong Med, the athletes are giving time, effort, tapos maglalabas pa sila ng pera.

Kailangan ma-enhance ang pag-promote ng mga events. Minsan late ang pagsabi. Yung iba may plans na. Tapos sa events, hindi namin alam ang i-eexpect namin. First year med, so gusto lang mag-aral. Patakamin pa sana mga tao in terms of promotions para mas marami mag-participate.”

What are the things we need to improve from last year?

“Promotions. Funds. Sana mas maging tight ang bond ng different batches. I think we are one of the schools na walang opening party. Yung iba hesitant sila kausapin yung upper batch, magtanong, get to know them better, kasi wala namang way, lalo na yung mga passive na hindi sumasali sa mga organizations. Get to know other batches, para hindi nagkakahiyaan sa hallway, sa library. Ang dami natin, minsan may maingay sa library, nagkakainitan pa yung different batches. Para maging harmonious ang mga batch. In the future, magkakasama rin naman tayo.”

As part of the SC, what do you think can you do to help define the Lukan brand?

“Bukod sa competence, which is a given, ang Lukan brand is on compassion. Sa ibang schools, hindi madalas ang patient encounter. Isa yun sa pinakamagandang part ng Lukan brand na pwede mong madala – compassion. More than just medicine, why don’t you give some of your heart sa patient? Minsan it’s not about how good you are as a doctor. Pag masungit ang doctor, hindi nakakatuwa, ayaw na sundin, gusto na lumipat. Masyado siyang masungit. Hindi ba dapat pag patient-doctor relationship, mas open?

Feeling ko kailangan natin i-improve ang Palarong Med or other activities like inter-school quiz bees. Nakaka-boost ng confidence ng school kapag nakikita mong champion. Parang sa Palarong Med, kahit small school tayo, they’re gonna look forward na makalaban tayo kapag well-supported when it comes to sports. We’re after making well-rounded doctors, not just someone who’s smart, but someone who can interact with people. Yun naman ang doctor. Sana ma-improve ang participation at support sa ibang extra-curricular activities.”

You just have to tell people and remind them na you’re in St. Luke’s, not just because you’re academically competent but because you are envisioned to be holistically prepared after St. Luke’s.

How can you improve the communication ties within the school?

“Meron tayong house system eh. Yun yung i-neexpect nating magpapa-close ng ties. Kung magkakaroon ng patient-centered interview, meron siguro sanang first year, second year, and third year. But it’s all about the admin now. There are some questions ng preceptor na pwede sagutin ng first year, second year or third year. Kahit isang event lang. Para may intellectual exchange of ideas. Sana may parang Med Week. Nakaka-build rin yun ng ties ng isang school. Sana may mga araw na we can be loose, makausap natin ibang professors, mga admin. It all starts with good communication and building communication, building good friends out of good times.”

How would you improve our source of funds for intra- and inter-school activities?

Maghahanap ng sponsors. Summer pa lang, maghahanap na ng sponsors. We can talk to school organizations, project how much ang kailangan or kukulangin next year, then help them look for sponsors na gusto silang suportahan. Ahead of time, we can do small projects, such as something like “Piso Para sa MGMR.” Ginawa namin ‘to Christmas party. Nag-ikot kami ng alkansya. Kahit isang piso from one student every day. If we’re gonna do that for a long time, for six months, ang laki ng matutulong niya.

When it comes to sponsorship, dapat maaga talaga nag-sstart. Summer palang dapat ready na ang proposals. Maganda rin kung may support from professors and alumni. For example, alumni ng different teams na gusto tumulong. We have to send letters and look for them. I’m sure there are kind-heart people na tutulong sa atin because they’ve been here. Maybe it’s time for them to give back.”

What are the concrete measures and projects you will make that will define your term of office?

“I would like to focus on working with other organizations to be able to assess the needs of each group, especially those who are competing and participating in the different events of APMC. It would help if the organizations can come up already with their projected budget for each event specially those who are participating in MGMR and Palarong Med, knowing that a huge number of students will be participating in the said event. I would like to propose fundraising events such as “Piso Para Sa Pangarap” which will support our performers and athletes in their different competitions.”

What is your opinion on the tuition fee increase?

“I know some classmates who will not pursue med because they don’t have enough money. Nakita naman natin ang progress ng school. Tumataas na siguro ang demand ng school natin. Sana lang hindi drastic ang increase at sana sinasabi ahead of time. Sana may scholarships, especially for those who excel extra-curricularly. There are a lot of people who want to be a doctor, but they are not given an opportunity to have a scholarship. It does not mean they’re not competent to become a doctor.”

What do you think would draw other people to be in St. Luke’s?

“Family. We are a small community. Mas tutok ang teachers sa estudyante. It really helps if you know your students. You will know what they need. Your teachers, they know you. They call you by your first name. They go beyond what other med schools do, than just teaching students. Nakaka-boost ng confidence pag kilala ka ng teacher. Mismong admin kilala ka nila. They give you your sense of identity that some schools do not give their students. Dito, they care about you as a person because they know you as a person. We have to remind people na we always have to be kind, even if it’s a bad day.”

We have to boost encouragement. We’re a family. Why not support our family members?

What concrete measures do you think St. Luke’s should undergo or have to improve and be closer to achieving its vision and mission?

“Innovative means creating something new, stepping out of your comfort zone. Mahirap siya. It’s something internal. Nasa tao, kung gusto niya gawin ‘yon o hindi. The school can only do so much. If the person is not willing to do it, we’re not gonna be innovative leaders. It’s all about us wanting to be innovative leaders. Andyan na ang competent teachers, extra-curricular activities, you just have to grab it. Kulang ng push ang mga tao to dream or become an innovative leader. You just have to tell people and remind them na you’re in St. Luke’s, not just because you’re academically competent but because you are envisioned to be holistically prepared after St. Luke’s.”

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