“They will know in time.” This was the answer that Minmin gave me when I asked her if there was something about her that she wanted other people to know about. Femina Margaret B. Mateo, the girl who always goes around wearing cutesy, high school white socks, cannot be mistaken for someone else. Every time someone looks for her, people always refer to her as “oh the cute and quiet one who wears high white socks.” Minmin has been living in a dormitory for around 8 years or so and she says, “I’m already used to being alone.” When she was still in UP Manila, she had a habit of always watching movies every break she had from classes. She watched whatever was featured in the theatres.

She identifies herself as a passive person. “I’m quiet by nature because I’m scared that I might not be able to say anything.” For Minmin, it is essential that one gains her trust first, before she lets anyone take a peek into her life. That’s why she is typically reserved and quiet. For her, one must always think twice before giving an opinion. Her reluctance to always readily give an opinion or a statement stems from this reason and also from the fact that her mom had instilled in her, this lesson from a very early age. Because Minmin does not normally share her life stories, it is then up to us to prod Minmin unto the unfolding process of unveiling oneself. As she says, “People will know in time.”