“Hindi ko maipagpapalit yoong prebelehiyo na mayakap ni Dean. Minahal ko yoong library, yoong mga kapwa ko librarian. Ang kailangan lang naman ay dedikasyon at pagmamahal sa craft at kasama. Ang Diyos ang naglagay sa akin dito.”

When Ma’am Lynn was still studying she said she was the type who was thought of as someone who would never excel. She came from a poor family in Romblon with her Dad finishing only up until grade 3 and her mom until grade 6. She said that although life was tough and her parents didn’t finish their education, she remains very proud of her Dad who worked different jobs to sustain the family. He worked as a farmer, carpenter, mason and they even had a piggery while her mom had no job and tended to their needs. Life was tough but Ma’am Lynn’s parents were her models for determination and perseverance.

Ma’am Lynn and her family faced numerous trials that took fortitude and perseverance to withstand. In Romblon, life was relatively more difficult. There was no electricity and job opportunities were scarce. In 1986, their piggery business had gone down and the income came solely from her Dad. They were in a very dire situation, a quagmire of sorts. Because they were having difficulty making ends meet, Ma’am Lynn was forced to stop studying. After high school, she worked as a household helper in Manila. She recalls how jealous she was of her classmates who were able to continue unhampered with their studies. It made her sad to stop studying, knowing she had potential. She was always part of the top performers in class. During the time that she worked as a household helper, all her income went to the financing of her older brother’s studies who was then taking marine engineering. She says, “Hindi ko nga nahahawakan, yoong suweldo ko. Dumaraan lang sa akin.” Because she longed to study, she had a friend who was studying in PUP file an application for her. She passed and was able to enrol with the help of her Aunt. This also came with challenges. She says, “Noon 15 Php lang ang baon ko. Nabubuhay ako noon sa skyflakes, tubig at candy.” Even when she was about to graduate, her parents couldn’t come because it was costly to go to Manila from the province. Despite all of these, she was driven just as her family was. They were all fighters – her mom, her dad and even her sister who graduated cum laude. She recalls she always asked herself, “Ganito na lang ba ako? Yoong pamilya ko, mahirap?”

Ma’am Lynn says that even after she graduated from PUP, she had a dream and that she was determined to make something of herself. She became a librarian when she had her first baby. There was an opening at TIP, Quezon City for an academic librarian. Because she badly needed money for her child, she took this job and learned all that there was to learn about being a librarian. She says that it was tough because although you got promoted to higher positions, the small salary remained the same. When she heard that there was an opening in St. Luke’s, she went for it. She has been in service for 9 years in SLCM now and she chooses to stay despite her salary being insufficient for the family. She says she chooses to stay because she has grown to love the institution and the people that make it up. She says that her best reward is to see students happy with her service and to see Dean come around from time to time, in the library. Although she continues to receive other job offers with higher salary proposals, she chooses to stay. It is in SLCM where she has found her happiness.