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(Testimony For Mental Health)

by Anonymous

Broken minds are like sandcastles. They are built, drawn up from the pebbles and seawater, as if wrapped in gel and formed into our greatest […]


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SLCM Holds Faculty Recognition Day

by Eliza Barredo

Recognizing the exemplary works and contribution of the faculty members by the students and their colleagues, SLCM revived its Faculty Recognition Day at Angelo King […]

Open Letter to First Years

by Randall Teh & Dani Pua

Dear Freshmen, Congratulations: you made it this far. After enduring pre-med, the NMAT, and applications you have arrived here in St Luke’s College of Medicine. […]


T. Swift vs Kanye: Who Really Wins?

by Danielle Pua

In the not so distant past, Taylor Swift was the media’s darling. There was rarely an article that put her in a bad light. I […]



Kindling the Flames to a More Humane Profession

by Iatros

Hauteur egotism has no place in medical school – no matter how stressful it gets



by Danielle Kei Pua

There’s a real life Gepetto

Who sculpts laughter onto grumpy puppet faces

To compensate for all the joy

The world has lost.




The Apollo Papers: This is My Story

by Nics Manalastas

I first set foot in the Philippines when I was 5 years old. “Uy! Ang sarap po nito! Ano po ito?” ‘Pandesal, anak,” my Lola […]


This is my life now

by Danielle Pua

The clicking of typewriter keys have faded, and the ledger scribbling ceased, and the sound of laughter muted by heavy textbooks and headphones tuning the […]


Mental Health FAQs

by Izza Lim

How would you define mental health? What is its impact on a person’s well-being? Mental health would be a state of emotional and psychological well-being […]