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SLCM Agape Participates in Heartbeat 2017

by Hazel Encarnado

photos by Kathleen Gayle Ching Delegates from St. Luke’s Agape Christian Movement participated in a three-day annual Christian conference “Heartbeat for Christ: Immeasurably More” last […]


In The Loop

SLCM Forms Links with Stanford Medicine’s Digital MEdIC

by Vince Ivan Camangeg

To provide an opportunity for training and educational programs support, increase access to medical contents and customize healthcare learning experiences, Stanford University’s Digital Medical Education […]

To You Do We Plead

by John Michael D. Deblois

Hat in mind, Desmond crouched to tie his shoelaces. The laces were too long. They got caught in one of the branches sticking out the soft, loamy earth. Desmond, focusing on his work, failed to notice and slacked the shoelaces off as he ploughed through. His bare foot touched the moist earth composed of rotting biomass and animal feces.



by John Michael D. Deblois

We have no longer any grounds to ask the question: how did a mass murderer like Hitler rise to power? The answer is before us.



Failures & Detours

by Danielle Pua

Most of us were not taught to deal with falling short. We end up figuring out life’s heartaches in our own time. What I’ve learned is that success is not linear, and neither is failure.

The Infinite Cold

by Arne Mangubat

Two wide iron crescents Seven-hundred ton behemoth of cold steel Stretched out thin, as if tip-toeing Pale against the power of it’s captive   The […]



The SGD Project

by Nics Manalastas

In the morning of June 15, 2016, I, the project proponent, proposed the SGD Project, a continuation of the activity that started last year with […]

The Right Moment is Now

by Nics Manalastas

Earlier today, two of our seniors presented about St. Luke’s Story of Curriculum Change as part of APMC’s movements. It’s so timely to be talking […]

People of SLCM: Jesseca Villena “Jess”

by Samantha Buenaobra

Ate Jess, a current third year student, is a very shy and sweet person who could be spotted in the library sporting her usual playful […]


The Apollo Papers

The Apollo Papers: A Letter to You

by RJ*

Note: the author has chosen to use a pen name for anonymity.   I know that right now, you are unsure of us. You feel […]

The Apollo Papers: Stardust

by Samantha Buenaobra

I can still pull it up into consciousness: the memory of you telling me you’ve been diagnosed, for quite some time now, with major depressive […]

The Apollo Papers: Perfection

by Lukan-Dula

As future doctors, perfection is what we strive for. We perfect our knowledge and skills of the profession so we are not only benevolent, we are also non-maleficent. We continue to improve ourselves by studying and working hard in order to become flawless. Perfection is our end-goal.